Home Improvement: 5 Best Screen Door Closers on Amazon 2020

Doors should always have a door closer installed to ensure that once you enter or exit your house or building, you don't need to manually pull it to close it. Door closers make it very convenient to get up and leave without having to check if the door is closed correctly. Some door closers come in buttons and automatically closes and locks with just one tap. If you are looking for a durable and sturdy screendoor closer, this article might help you land in one of the best. Here are some of the top-rated and most recommended door closers on Amazon today that you can get. 

Prime-Line Products K 5028 Prime-Line Medium, Duty Pneumatic Door Closer 

This screendoor closer is made entirely for swinging wood or metal doors. This has a light to medium duty capacity that has a two-hole end plug for each end. This screendoor closer is perfect for any season, including summer and winter settings. It is adjustable, easy to install, and will surely make your screendoors more accessible. The adjustable closer has a fast speed that will close the door behind you as you enter or exit your home or building. It is internally lubricated as well for easy open. 

Prime-Line Products K 5028 Prime-Line Medium Duty Pneumatic Door Closer

Ideal Security SK1730 Pneumatic Heavy Storm Door Closer, Black 

This is a heavy-duty pneumatic door closer that is ideal for doors that measure 1 ¼ inch to 2 inches thick. The package comes with a complete with brackets and screws that users can use when installing this door closer. The diameter of the cylinder door closer measures 1.5 inches, and the tube length is about 0.5 inches. Everything in the package is easy and convenient to use. It also comes with seasonal adjustment. 

Ideal Security Pneumatic Heavy Storm Door Closer

Wright Products V1020WH Standard Duty Pneumatic Closer, White

This pneumatic door closer is perfect to use for either wood or metal out-swinging doors. This screendoor closer features a 90-degree opening, which allows easy access or exit to anyone who uses the door. It also has a 2-hold end plug for summer or winter adjustable latching power. The swinging doors are made of wood and metal, which makes it sturdy and durable even over a long time. If you're looking for a screendoor closer that offers the utmost durability, this is one of the best screendoor closers to get today. 

Wright Products Standard Duty Pneumatic

Touch n' Hold Smooth Single Kit Standard Duty Door Closer with Touch Button Hold Open Feature 

This screendoor closer has a hands-free hold-open feature that allows users to simply tap the Touch button to hold the door open at any preferred position. It also features an easy release that when you nudge the door to open it farther, you can simply just tap the touch button to start the smooth and effortless closing. It has a patented smooth closing technology that eliminates the bounce from your closer and shut without noise. It is a simple replacement for any screendoor brands such as Larson, EMCO, Unique Home Design, and much more. 

Emco Storm Door Closer Kit in White

EMCO Storm Door Closer Kit White Color

This screendoor closer set comes with a jamb bracket, a door bracket, a door closer, and some screws for you to use when installing this door closer. Simply push the button-operated closer when you open your door. Before buying this product, make sure it fits ideally to your screendoor or whatever door it is you're installing it for. 

Touch n' Hold Smooth Single Kit Standard-Duty Door Closer with Touch Button Hold Open


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