5 Best Laser Gun Alarm Clocks on Amazon 2020

Gun alarm clocks are effective for children or for anyone who always has trouble waking up early. Train your body and mind every morning by getting these best-selling gun alarm clocks in the market today.

Trademark Games Toy Gun Alarm Clock Game White or Black

You can now wake up to your favorite song with this gun alarm clock! It also lets users make a personalized message or whatever sound effect that you want to use to wake you up on time and in the right mood. This gun alarm clock game is simple to use.

Easily snooze your alarm clock by shooting a gun and then go back to sleep. The alarm clock features two difficulty modes, which are normal (1 bull's eye hit then it deactivates) and hard (5 bull's eye then it deactivates). The two fun game modes can be used for accuracy tests and reaction tests.

This is best for growing up boys and lets them practice proper and right time of waking up. The alarm clock also has sound effects like gun recoils every time you fire up.

The range of the laser gun is 18 feet. It has a 12-hour display, and it operates on 4 AA batteries (not included in the package). The alarm clock is about 5.62 inches by 125 inches by 4.37 inches. 

Trademark Games Toy Gun Alarm Clock Game
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SHARPER IMAGE Laser Target Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers 

This target alarm clock from Sharper Image is specially built for heavy sleepers. This alarm lets you wake up with a blast and sparking energy that you won't be able to oversleep again.

The laser sound is customizable and interactive that it comes in different effects and an integrated blaster that recoils the excitement to sleepers when they wake up. The alarm clock is battery operated and portable that you can easily bring anywhere you like.

You don't have to worry about waking up late when you are traveling because you can bring this alarm clock anywhere you like. This alarm clock is battery powered and it is easy to replace anytime without worrying if there will be power outages during the night.

Sharper Image Laser Target Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers
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Lock N' Load Gun Alarm Clock Target

This gun alarm clock features three types of game modes for users to use in turning the alarm clock off. The quick shot allows you to pull off five perfect shots within three minutes. There is also the time mode wherein you get to see how quick you are to get up in the morning.

And lastly, the random mode changes the modes daily for a more thrilling experience when waking up. Leaving it random will also give you an unpredictable type of alarm mode that will surely help you get up in the morning. 

Lock N' Load Gun Alarm Clock Black
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Berkshire Gun Alarm Clock Shooting Gun

This gun alarm clock will surely make you feel you are in army training because the alarm clock and gun are in an army green color. This alarm clock lets users wake up every morning with an active mind.

To deactivate or snooze the alarm, users should take the gun and hit the target of the alarm clock. This alarm clock is a fun way to wake up and you don't have to struggle oversleeping. 

Berkshire Gun Alarm Clock Shooting Game
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CREATOV Design target Alarm Clock with Gun Infrared Target and Realistic Loud Sound

This alarm clock set comes with an infrared gun and recoils action with cool sound effects. The cool sound effects add up to the realistic shooting and let you hit a perfect target even when you just woke up.

Creatov made it possible to make an alarm gun that you can use to record your own wake-up message or alert. This is perfect for kids who want to be trained waking up early for school. 

CREATOV DESIGN Target Alarm Clock with Gun
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