Clean or Dirty: 5 Best Dishwasher Signs

Stop wasting time peeping through the dishwasher if the dishes are clean or dirty and get one of these top-rated dishwasher magnet signages on Amazon today!

PREMIUM Dishwasher Magnet Clean Dirty Sign Slider

This dishwasher magnet sign for clean and dirty dishes is made of a non-scratching magnet and has an industrial grade magnet that comes with a soft layer of silica. The layer of soft silica protects the dishwasher surface from getting scratched.

It is a universal clean dirty dishwasher magnet that can be used for dishwashers that are metallic or non-metallic surfaces. The magnets come with 3M adhesive cases and it is safe for non-metallic dishwashers. You can now easily slide the magnet whether the dishes inside the dishwasher are clean or dirty.

This signage will help people in the household know what is the status of the dishes inside without opening it to check. This is easy to use and very effective to practice at home. This magnet is manufactured by American Kitchen Kraft and they guarantee their customers good packaging and delivery. 

PREMIUM Dishwasher Magnet Clean Dirty Sign Slider
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Fox Run Clean or Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

This dishwasher sign magnet measures about 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches by 0.25 inches. It is made of durable and sturdy white plastic and the writings are color black for easy and clear reading.

The dishwasher signage features a magnetic back for you to easily place on the dishwasher without having any sticky residue. You will now let everyone know that dishes are clean or dirty with this signage by simply rotating it on the right word indicator.

Fox Run Clean or Dirty Dishwasher Magnet
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Dishwasher Magnet Clean Dirty Sign Strong Magnet Double-Sided

This dishwasher signage has a double-sided sign that users can flip whether if the dishes inside the dishwasher is clean or dirty. It is made of a durable and strong magnet that also comes with an adhesive metal plate for non-magnetic dishwashers. It also comes in a universal design that will blend in perfectly with your kitchen's ambiance.

This dishwasher signage does not peel, crease, scratch, or residue once placed in the dishwasher. You don't have to keep peeping inside the dishwasher to see if the dishes are clean or not if you have this signage stuck in your dishwasher. It is easy to use and stays in place. 

Dishwasher Magnet Clean Sign Strong Magnet Double Sided Flip
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Kichwit Dishwasher Magnet Clean or Dirty Sign

This is a clean and dirty dishwasher magnet that works perfectly on any dishwashers. It is made of a strong magnet and it also has a double-sided adhesive tape that comes together in the package. The signage rotates in a 360-degree angle and it is easy to change whether the dishes are clean or dirty.

This is a smart way to let anyone know whether the dishes are clean or dirty and reduce the time to peep inside the dishwasher. It comes in just the right size that measures 4 inches in diameter. The signage is scratch-free and won't harm your dishwasher. 

Kichwit Dishwasher Magnet Clean Dirty Sign Indicator
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Baby Yoda Decal Dishwasher Magnet Clean Dirty Indicator

This dishwasher magnet clean or dirty measures about 4 inches by 3.2 inches reversible. If you love Star Wars and are a huge fan of the movie series, then this dishwasher signage is perfect for you because it features the famous and cute Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian.

The dishwasher indicator is made of strong magnet and it is sturdy enough to not fall from the dishwasher. It is also a great conversation starter for guests and friends who are coming over for dinner. 

Baby Yoda Decal Dishwaher Magnet Clean Dirty Indicator
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