Orthopedics: 4 Best Nose Guards for the Active Athlete

People who are into sports often experience injuries of all sorts, including facial injuries. One example of such facial injuries is broken noses. But the thing with athletes is that they cannot be stopped. They would rather endure the pain than sit around when they get injured.

And if you're one of them, we know how you feel. So for you to properly get your daily routine done even with a broken nose, we've made a list of some of the best nose guards you can get today.

AURAFIX ORTHOPEDIC Products Nose Guard for Broken Nose

Even if you have a broken nose, nothing will stop you from doing your daily routine if you have this protective nose guard. This protective mask will allow users to stay active and running while healing from an injured nose or other facial injuries.

The Aurafix Orthopedic Nose Guard is one of the best nose guards in the market, and it ensures that your face is protected from further or possible harm. It can also be used when playing sports, like wrestling, football, basketball, volleyball, and more. The protective mask covers all the important areas of the face, such as the nose, cheekbones, and more. 

AURAFIX ORTHOPEDIC Products Nose Guard for Broken Nose

This mask is made with medical-grade durable plastic material. The inner parts of the mask are made of terry cloth, which makes it more convenient to wear.

It also serves as a great face protector for patients recovering from nose traumas. It is designed to be used by anyone--adults and teenagers. The mask has durable and adjustable straps that you can align for compression and support. It also has a transparent cover that offers the user a proper and clear vision.

Mueller Face Guard Protection from Impact Injuries to Nose and Face

This face and nose guard from Mueller offers complete protection from facial injuries and accidents. The mask provides full coverage for the nasal area, maxillary, zygomatic, and orbital injuries.

The Mueller Face Guard mask can be worn anywhere, especially when doing sports and activities such as basketball, soccer, baseball, football, karate, and more. The nose guard is made of shatterproof material and is safely and medically graded.

It is made of polycarbonate, which is perfectly contoured to fit any face shape. It also has an adjustable head strap that you can adjust to the size of your head. This mask is comfortable, hassle-free, and it offers full protection, not only for your nose but to your whole face as well. Unlike other face and nose guards, this mask is not made of rubber latex. 

Mueller Face Guard Protection from Impact Injuries

Bangerz HS-1500 Polycarbonate Nose Guard and Face Shield

The Bangerz Nose Guard and Face Shield are one of the best protective masks to get in the market today because of its durable and strong material and design. With this kind of protection, you can now confidently proceed with your activities and play sports even when you have a broken nose.

This nose guard not only protects the face from injuries but also prevents broken noses and facial bones. It is a medical-grade protective mask, made of high-quality shatterproof polycarbonate material that ensures safety.

It also comes with adjustable and flexible straps that will fit your face perfectly and comfortably. The lenses of the faceguard are made to resist fog and damages from scratching. Aside from being medically approved, this nose and faceguard is ASTM certified and meets all the standards for sporting games. 

Bangerz HS1500 Polycarbonate Nose Guard Face Shield

SafeTGard Protective Nose Guard Mask for Broken Nose

You don't have to worry about staying in and missing out on a game because of a broken nose if you have this protective nose guard from SafeTGard. This nose guard is ideally designed and crafted with a protective acrylic frame that is both comfortable to wear and durable. It does not interfere with normal vision, and it features adjustable head straps for better comfort. 

SafeTGard Protective Nose Guard Mask

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