Get Crafty: Here Are the 5 Best Router Sign Making Kits on Amazon

Looking for the best router sign making kit? Here's the answer! We have listed the best carving kits for you that you can get today, so you can make the best signages for your home and offices without any hassle!

Milescraft 121 SignPro - Router Signmaking Jig

This router sign making kit has all the necessary bushing guides that you need for your router stencils in creating great-looking signs for your store, house, room, or wherever you may need the signage.

The package includes low profile c-clamps, two ½-inches character templates, one ½-inch horizontal character templates, one ½-inch, and two ½-inch vertical number templates. You will not have any hard time making signages using this router sign making kit because it has everything. 

Milescraft 1212 SignPro Router Signmaking Jig
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Silverline Tools Rockler 9387 Interlock Signmakers Template

This interlocking template can form a stable pattern via precise routing. The patterns can be secured tightly and in an accurate position for you to work on the surface area with designated tape on it for alignment. It is compatible with 1-3/16 guides, which measure about 30mm.

It is also compatible with the ⅜-inches sign router bit. The package includes 40 letters, three spacers, two of each number from 0-9, and nine common symbols. Make signages and other decors for home and office with this router sign making kit with less hassle with this kit!

Silverline Tools Rocker Interlock Signmakers Templates
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CMT TMP-002 Classic Country Doormaking Router Template Set

This router sign making set comes with a classic country door making template that is perfect for both beginners and professionals in signage making. You don't have to worry about making ugly signages or even encounter problems of making arched raised panel doors.

The package includes about 20 templates that you can mix and match, wherein half of it is for panels, and the other half can be used for corresponding templates for matching arched panels. This router sign making kit is made of durable and rugged HDPE plastic.

The package also includes templates for doors that measure about 9-½ to 22 inches wide. Each template is stamped with door width for easy identification. This set comes in black.

CMT TMP 002 Classic Country Doormaking Router Template Set
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82 Pieces Wood Burning Kit Father's Day Wood Tool with Adjustable On-Off Switch Control

This package is the ultimate router sign making kit that you can get today. The set comes in 82 pieces of carving and signs making tools that you will definitely need.

The set comes in pyrography packaging, and it includes one pyrotechnic wood pen, 17 assorted wood carving tips, five assorted wood embossing tips, two hot knife chucks, two blades, 12 molds, 12 colored pencils, ten carbon papers, six wood chips, one wood kit burning pen holder, and one carrying case that is durable and lightweight to bring anywhere. 

Freud 8 Piece CNC Router Bit General Purpose Set
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This router sign making kit is made of high-quality 60w heated ceramic technology. The pen can quickly heat the wood-burning kit in 15 seconds, and it saves energy and, at the same time, protects the environment.

The kit comes with 37 different welding embossing tips and accessories that are easy to use for beginners and experts. The temperature range of the carving tool runs from 200 degrees up to 450 degrees.

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