Safety Essentials: 4 of the Best Grip Tapes on Amazon

Guns are very deadly weapons, which is why you would need to have a sturdy grip tape for you not to lose your grip as you use it. Here are some of the best gun grip tapes on the market today that you can get to protect your guns.

GT-5000 (6 Strips) Grip Tape for Guns, Cellphones, Cameras, and more

This pack contains six strips that measure about 2 by 8 1/2 inches each. The size of each tape is just made perfectly for guns, and it is absolutely the best gun grip tape in the market. This tape can also be used in other stuff for gripping purposes such as cellphones, cameras, knives, and other tools.

You may also reuse this tape and clean it every month if you want. Even when you take it off a couple of times, it still has a tight grip whenever taped on the gun again. It holds for a long time, and it does not peel off at all. If there are tape residues left on the gun, you can easily clean it using your cleaning substance.

When reapplying the tape, just make sure that the surface of the gun is clean and is not greasy or oily. When removing this grip tape, you may use a hairdryer and warm it up good for it to peel off in one corner. 

GT-5000 6 Strips Grip Tape for Guns, Cellphones and More
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Tattoo Grip Cover Wrap  - Romlon 6 Pieces Disposable Cohesive Tattoo Grip

This package of tattoo grip can also be used as a gun grip because it is durable and sturdy. The package includes six rolls of disposable, self-adhering grip covers. The tapes are in black, and it comes in a bandage wrap type of grip that is 2 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches long.

The tape is made of high-quality materials, including a special elastic and lightweight compression bandage fabric. It is also comfortable and durable to use in any gun, knife, tattoo gun, and other tools for gardening and construction.

The material is also breathable, shock-absorbent, and it does not fall off easily. The grip is easy to use, and you don't need to have clips or fasteners for you to use it on your guns. The disposable tapes are made of stretchy fabric, which is very soft and can be quickly torn with or without scissors. 

Tattoo Grip Cover Wrap Romlon 6 Pieces Disposable Cohesive Tattoo Grip Wrap
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Dragon Grips 5 inches by 7 inches 2 Pack Rubber textured Grip Tape Nonslip

This set of gun grips from Dragon is about 0.5mm thick, and it is self-adhesive, which makes it a durable gun grip tape for your guns, weapons, tools, and knives. You may also use this grip tape for your cellphones, tablet, laptops, and more.

The non-slip materials make it a stronghold for your guns, and it can also be used in gaming mouses, gas pedals, control pads, and more. A lot of people love this grip tape because not only is it durable, but the material is also breathable. This grip tape is made in the USA, and the materials used are also from the country.

Dragon Grips 5x7 2 Pack Rubber Textured Grip Tape
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Duck Brand Friction Tape ¾-inch by 60 feet Single Roll, Black

This tape is made to cover not only guns and tools but also electrical splices. This is a must-have adhesive tape best to use on any metal surface and should be included in your toolbox. It can also be used to cover equipment for sports or your home tools for the garage. The tape is sticky on both sides, and it comes in a single roll. 

Duck Brand Friction Tape
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