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Home theater systems, although exciting, can be stressful to think of, especially when you don't know what brand to get or what is the best brand to trust. Luckily, SuperSonic has one of the best home theatre systems that offer high-quality audio and video outputs that you will truly enjoy. If you're looking for the best SuperSonic home theatre systems in the market, here are four of the best models.

SuperSonic SC-35HT SC-35FT 2.1 Home Theater System 

This home theater system from SuperSonic is one of the best to get in the market because it is compatible with many devices, including DVD, CD, CDR, CDRW, NTSC, and PAL system. This home theater system comes in 32 languages, and not all home theater systems in the market have that feature.

It also has a multi-angle viewing with digital zoom support. SuperSonic SC-35HT has intelligent firmware upgrading that offers multi-level fast forward and backward scans. It is also programmed to have a memory playback, which is a cool feature for a home theatre system to have. This is compatible with all disc zone and comes with a remote control in the package. 

Supersonic Home Theatre SC-35HT
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SuperSonic 5.1 Channel DVD Home Theater System with USB Input and Karaoke Function

This home theatre system from SuperSonic has a 5.1 channel surround sound system that provides you the best and high-quality audio and music whenever you play music or watch a movie through the system. The system also supports DVD, CD, CDR, VCD, MP3, CDRW, and SVCD.

It also features two karaoke microphone jack and comes with a built-in USB input that can be used to connect to other devices such as smartphones and computers. This home theatre system comes with an FM radio that you can use if you want to listen to your radio station.

SuperSonic 5.1 Channel DVD Home Theatre System with USB Input
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RCA 1000-Watt Audio Receiver Home Theater System

This home theater system features Dolby 5.1 surround sound system, a 1000-watt digital audio receiver, and a built-in digital AM and FM radio tuner that has all the station memory presets that you will love. You can easily connect to this home theater system because it offers wireless connectivity that is designed to let you connect with your preferred devices, such as smartphones and laptops.

It can support connectivity to iOS devices, Android devices, or even your mP3 players. This home theatre system features 3 HDMI inputs, six audio inputs, an HDMI input, an optical input, coaxial input, and a USB playback.

This also has both front and rear ports that can be used for aux cords. It features aux-in on the front, front line-in, and two rear-panel aux-in. The package includes a remote control, a subwoofer, and five satellite surround sound speakers. 

RCA 1000-Watt Audio Receiver Home Theater System Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
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SuperSonic SC-1419SBA Premium Bluetooth SoundBar with Built-in Alexa

This SuperSonic optical soundbar can deliver both powerful and rich sound in any enclosed or open area. It can be used wirelessly through Bluetooth and has built-in Alexa. This optical soundbar is perfect to put in any home theatre, and it is easy and simple to set up anytime and anywhere.

You can also easily connect to your Amazon Alexa whenever you want because it is Alexa-enabled. You can now stream to your favorite music and watch movies and series clearly through this soundbar. This is a good expansion for your home sound system. 

SuperSonic SC=1419SBA Premium Bluetooth SoundBar
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