Best String Cutters on Amazon 2020

Are you looking for a string cutter for your stringed instruments, electrical and cable wires, or perhaps small chains? Here are five of the best brands and best-selling string cutters that you can get in the market today!

Geesatis Guitar Repair Tool 2 Pieces Guitar String Winder and Cutter

This is a 3 in 1 multifunctional cutter and winder that is perfect to use when fixing or tuning your stringed instruments, specifically your guitars. Simply put the string in place on the guitar, cut the line, and then pull the cone. This guitar string cutter measures about 4.5 inches by 2 inches in length and width.

The string cutter is made of durable and sturdy ABS material with a combination of superior metal that does not sore your hands when being used. It offers you durable, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and a comfortable grip that is made from high-quality materials. This is the perfect string winder and cutter for ukeleles, electric and acoustic guitars, mandolins, violins, banjo, and more. This is also small and portable to bring anywhere for your gigs.

Geesatis Guitar Repair Tool Guitar String Winder and Cutter

Hakko Micro Cutter

This string cutter is perfect to use for wires, strings, and cable ties. This micro cutter features a flush-cut, soft-wire cutter that measures about 8mm long for its jaw. It also has an angle head for better flush-cutting applications for wires that measure approximately 16 gauges of soft wire or copper wires. The cutter also has a 2.5mm heat-manufactured carbon steel that offers durability that lasts for a long time.

Other features include precision in grounding holes and surfaces, smoothens movement, and the spring type of the tool allows users to open the cutter wide. It also has a dolphin-style grip that is nonslip and curved with the right fore-edge angle. It is also comfortable to control and use every time, even in Parkerized areas.

Micro Cutter

Planet Waves Bass Pro-Winder String Winder and Cutter

This string cutter is not only durable, but it is also made from high-quality materials that can last even for years in your guitar's case or gig bag. This is a 100% world-class peg winder that has a built-in string cutter all in one. This string cutter is the ultimate bass guitar restringing tool that is designed ergonomically for both comfort and efficient use. You can use this in both modern and vintage stringed instruments, and it can be brought anywhere you like.

Planet Waves Bass Pro Winder String Cutter

Whizzotech Wire Cutter Chromium Vanadium Stainless Steel Diagonal Cutting Pliers

This string cutter features a comfortable and convenient grip compared to other string cutters in the market. The grip is made of nonslip rubber material, and it can make you open the cutter widely, depending on the thickness or thinness of the string.

You can now easily cut wires, strings, small chains, cable cords, beading, electrical wires, and more with less hassle. This is an excellent tool for jewelers and electricians. It also features a stainless steel material which makes it durable. The handle is made of PVC and offers 100% comfort. 

Whizzotech Wire Cutter Chromium Vanadium Stainless Steel

Xuron Music Wire Shear Lead Retainer

This music wire cutter from Xuron is definitely a must-have to all string instrument players out there. The cutter can cut guitar wires and other stringed instruments from sizes 15 to 29. The cutter features self-adjusting clamps that can hold the wire in a perpendicular angle using the jaws. When you cut with this cutter, it will produce a square cut on both sides of the wire. 

Xuron Music Wire Shear Lead Retainer


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