4 Reasons to Keep Loving the Ford Mustang

4 Reasons to Keep Loving the Ford Mustang
(Photo : 4 Reasons to Keep Loving the Ford Mustang)

The Ford Mustang is as close as a vehicle comes to being a cultural icon. Developed and manufactured in the early 60s, the vehicle quickly became a symbol of freedom, power and an unadulterated sense of fun. It was unlike any car before it - sleekly designed, expertly engineered and an absolute joy to drive. With its celeb status cemented in popular movies like Bullitt and Gone in 60 Seconds, the mustang was less a car - more a phenomenon. 

More than 50 years on, the Mustang has changed, but its spirit remains the same. Still the ultra-fun, achingly cool, quick and affordable vehicle it was then, the Mustang has nevertheless kept apace with the times. 

Need a reason to keep loving the Ford Mustang? Here are four. 

Timeless Design, Modern Makeover

The most immediately noticeable difference in the modern Mustang is its appearance. The modern Sixth Generation Mustang is longer, wider and higher than its First Gen progenitor: 

  • The First Generation had a length of 182 inches, whereas the Sixth is 188.3 inches

  • The First Generation had a width of 68 inches, whereas the Sixth is 75.4 inches

  • And the First Generation had a height of 51 inches, whereas Sixth Generation Mustangs are 55.4 inches high. 

In addition to the differences in body specs, there are major aesthetical differences as well. The Sixth Generation Mustang has a refined appearance, with sloped, aerodynamic edges and an updated grille. It doesn't look dissimilar from the 1960s Mustang, but you can tell they've taken that retro look and updated it for contemporary tastes. 

Engine Options Let You Choose What's Important

One of the fantastic things about the modern Mustang is that it's no longer a one-engine-fits-all vehicle. Drivers shopping for a Mustang at Key West Ford now have a choice between two engines. For the classic gearhead, there's the 5.0-litre engine V8 engine, delivering a growling 460 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. of torque. 

For those who want to curb their greenhouse emissions and achieve better fuel efficiency, there's also the option of the 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine, which delivers an impressive 310 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque with roughly 30% better fuel efficiency

Effortlessly Customizable

In addition to customizing your engine, the modern Ford Mustang allows you to customize your driving experience. Adjust the drive modes according to various pre-sets: change the steering, the throttle response and stability control to ensure your Mustang behaves the way you want it to, wherever you're driving. 

Make Yourself Heard, or Not Heard

There's a special place in car-lovers' hearts for the growling sound of a classic pony engine. But sometimes you don't want to make all that noise. Do you go with a loud, boisterous engine or a soft, purring one? 

The new Ford Mustangs have solved the conundrum for you: why not both? With the "Active Valve Performance Exhaust" you can choose how loud or quiet your Mustang is. Pulling out of the garage at six in the morning, you can make sure not to wake the family up; tearing down the highway after work, you can unleash your Mustang's roar. 

The Mustang has certainly changed over the years, but there's still as much - if not more - to love about this iconic pony car. 

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