What are the Latest Home Building Trends in Los Angeles?

What are the Latest Home Building Trends in Los Angeles?

Home design trends are about more than just aesthetics. They are also about creating spaces in our homes where we are comfortable, that reflect our values, and are enjoyable to live in when we are home. 

Whether you are looking to renovate an existing home or build a new one, below are some of the trends to inspire you. 

Resistance to Disasters

The changing climate and natural disasters are top of mind to most people. Between major floods and wildfires, preparing for the worst is a significant concern.

Using disaster-resilient building materials is the first place to start. Custom home builders in Los Angeles prefer to use energy-efficient and more durable materials such as insulated concrete forms rather than more traditional materials such as wood.

Housing Automation

Many homeowners are choosing to integrate smart home technology into their living space to make life even more convenient and comfortable. 

Examples of smart home technology include:

  • Ovens that you can preheat and turn on remotely

  • Home security

  • Temperature controls

  • Alexa-Enabled Smoke Detector

  • Automatic skylights

  • Smart light bulbs

  • Smart faucets

  • Programmable coffee makers

Rising energy costs, in addition to a concern for the environment, is leading people to build or remodel their homes with smart home upgrades.

Smart energy-saving choices will help lower your energy bills and control the amount of energy you use. 


Green design has been around for a while but has evolved into more than just using LED light bulbs and energy-efficient appliances.

Today, the trend is towards doing everything you can to minimize adverse effects on the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar panels are becoming more popular. In addition, using building materials other than wood and refinishing old furniture instead of buying new pieces are different ways to help the environment. 

Create Comfortable and Usable Outdoor Living Space

It is more cost-effective and practical for many to turn their backyards into a summer getaway location rather than renting or buying a vacation home.

Also, as our lives are increasingly more hectic, staycations are becoming more popular. Creating outdoor spaces where you can unwind, enjoy nature, and relax with family and friends is a common trend. 

Make the most out of your existing outdoor space by designing an area with comfortable couches, home entertainment systems, and even a fireplace for cool summer nights.

If you are looking for privacy, try adding some bushes and fencing in your backyard. 

Glass Walls

Having glass walls in bathrooms has been popular for a while. They are now becoming more of a trend in other areas of the home as well.

Glass walls are transparent and make rooms feel larger, open, and airy. If you have great views from a room in your home, why not use glass for the entire wall and enjoy the incredible view? 

Airy Kitchens

Like installing glass walls, many homeowners choose to replace an existing wall with a sliding or glass door to let the sun into the room. 

Loosening the boundaries between your kitchen and the outside is becoming a trend, especially in Los Angeles, where the weather is beautiful most of the time.  

Bring in Elements of Nature

People are looking to reconnect with nature and find a balance with the great outdoors while inside their homes. 

Some of the ways this trend represents itself include:

  • Choosing building materials such as stone, jute, and natural wood

  • Bringing indoor microgreens and herb gardens into your home

  • Selecting colors such as blues, earth tones, and greens

  • Decorating with real and faux houseplants

Energy Efficiency

Many people are choosing to build or remodel their homes to be energy efficient. Some examples include:

  • Using roofing materials that deliver ultraviolet wavelengths and reduce heat transfers called cool roofs

  • Installing energy-efficient windows and doors

  • Properly insulating your property to seal air leaks

According to The Department of Energy, you can save up to 30 percent on your energy bills by sealing air leaks around fireplaces, walls, floors, doors, windows, and ceilings. 


Using wallpaper might seem outdated, but as we have all seen, old styles come back into fashion. The new trend is using wallpaper with bold prints such as paisley patterns, wild floral prints, and dramatic abstract designs. 

Customize to What Works for You

When building a home, you do not need to settle for what the builder or mass manufacturer decides to build.

Ask for what you want in your home and request customizations when applicable. If you are remodeling, tell your contractor exactly what you want.

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