Every Brother- Sister Relationship Ever

Every Brother- Sister Relationship Ever
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Other than looking for some cool raksha bandhan gifts for brother, every brother-sister duo has lived a life full of immaturity, silliness and no regrets. Because for them, everyday should be that full of fun and annoying each other till death. Festivals like Rakhi come once in a while to make them seem like sane people, looking forward to cherishing their bond as they shop for some designer rakhi online in India. But in reality, their bond needs not just a festival to strengthen their crazy bond, rather some crazy times to live their love-hate relationship to the core. Here are a few instances which makes us believe that every brother-sister duo has been made with a little more of craziness than we expect them to be born with.

1)    Split Personality Disorder - Sometimes too sweet, sometimes too savage, every brother-sister duo reflects as they have been diagnosed with split personality disorder. In just a single day, you may see them totally swoon in each other's love as they sit down together to have a meal together. On the other hand, just the other minute they could be found running with a knife to kill each other. Such is the kind of love-hate relationship they share.

2)    Weird Things Going On Their Minds 24x7x365 days - Matching each other's madness or weirdness, every now and then they come up with something silly to drop a clue of their insanity for others. Things which are usually considered under the "unacceptable under society norms" clause are mostly those acts of mischief like throwing water ballons or playing some stupid pranks, which every brother-sister duo have shamelessly together executed without zero fears.

3)    Endless Remote And Pillow Fights - What's even a brother-sister relationship without some hair-pulling, flicking, pinching and cat-fighting with each other? Nothing, right? As the world gears up to have a quality family time together every Saturday or Sunday night, families with brother-sister duo gears up to witness a live WWE match, getting telecasted for free by their own wards. From throwing pillows at each other to whose shows will be watched, there's no end to their dramatic behavior.

4)    Silly Tit For Tat Behavior - No matter how seriously other moral values are taken by brother-sister duo, the tit for tat behavior surely tops their list, chucking all the other ones out from it. But a little modification has been made as in if one hits the other once, the other will hit twice and this series of hitting and backfiring never seems to end. Till one of them gets beaten or scolded by parents and bursting up into tears (usually the sister).

5)    Insulting Is Their Way Of Living - There's no normal sweet talk rather talks full of insults and sarcasm is what keeps every brother-sister relationship alive. From calling each other some random animal or comparing to them or just making a joke of their appearance or looks, their drama continues and the only way to avoid their behavior is by eventually avoiding them.

Though there's no survival for every brother-sister duo with each other, but still a moment full of pissing off sessions are what makes this relation so special as compared to the others.

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