Best Video Marketing Tips for Social Media Engagement

Best Video Marketing Tips for Social Media Engagement
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Many online marketers are deploying videos on social media channels to promote their business. And most of small and medium sized businesses who are using this Video marketing channel or marketing automation tools are likely attracting customers and are building their brands. Let's have a look at stat's report on marketing transformation towards Video marketing.

●      Over 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook daily - TechCrunch

●      Video campaigns on LinkedIn receive 50% view rates. - LinkedIn

●      YouTube has over 1 billion hours of video views every day. - YouTube

And if you want to optimize your social media engagement rate, it's high time to embrace video marketing. According to Cisco, by 2022, online videos will constitute over 82% of all consumer internet traffic, which is 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

If you don't have any clue on how to increase social media engagement with video marketing, don't worry. In this article, we  are going to share a couple of useful video marketing tips that'll help you boost up social media engagement at a lightning speed.

Video Marketing Tips for Social Media Engagement

Video dominates today's marketing channels and according to Alistdaily, 84% of consumers will buy from a brand they follow on social over a competitor. So, stand out on social and gain a competitive edge with the following video marketing tips:

1.   Facebook Video Marketing Tips

A report published on 99Firms shows that 500 million viewers watch 100 million hours of video content on Facebook daily.

So, there's no doubt that your brand can derive huge benefits from sharing video content on Facebook. Butto create the maximum impact and achieve the best engagement rate, you need to follow certain things. These are as follows:

●      Length of the videos should be between 15 and 90 seconds

●      Impactful caption for your content

●      Share the value upfront

●      A great thumbnail for your video to catch eyeballs

●      Stick to vertical video

●      Use a mix of video content

●      Get straight to the point to hook your viewers

●      Promote and distribute the video

●      Don't hesitate to experiment

●      Use Facebook Analytics

With these tips, you can easily capture the attention of your audience and take engagement to a new level.

2.   LinkedIn Video Marketing Tips

LinkedIn, known as a professional social networking site, is an ideal channel for B2B marketing. Note that 44% of LinkedIn users take home more than $75,000 per year, which is above the national median in the US.

To target this niche audience, and get the best ROI of video marketing, a strong strategy should be in place. We suggest you do the following:

●      Create a story

●      Show what your product/service can do

●      Optimize for mobile

●      It should be professional

●      Post video testimonials

●      Publish video case studies

●      Include information and tips

●      Interview industry experts

According to LinkedIn, people share videos 20 times more than other types of content. In order to make your brand appear more professional on LinkedIn, you may consider hiring a video marketing expert.

3.   Twitter Video Marketing Tips

According to Twitter's Q3 2019 report, this social platform has 145 million monetizable daily active users.HubSpotalso revealed that tweets with videos are likely to get an average of six times more engagement than tweets with other content.

In order to make your twitter video more engaging and impactful, it has to comply with the following:

●      Keep it short 0.5 to 140 seconds

●      Hook viewers in the first few seconds

●      Use captions to reinforce your messages

●      Optimize for mobile

●      Educate and inform

●      Collect and share user-generated content

●      Measure metrics

Follow these tips and maximize your success with the Twitter video.Remember, Twitter is all about the conversation. Therefore,your message has to be quick, punchy, and relevant for better engagement.

4.   Instagram Video Marketing Tips

Instagram has over 400 million users that share 80 million posts daily,and data shows that videos are the most effective form of content on this platform.

Therefore, it is worth investing some time and money to create high-quality videos for Instagram. It might be in the form of permanent videos, stories, or video ads.No matter which format you choose, here are some tips to maximize the effectiveness:

●      Focus on a single goal

●      Make the first seconds count

●      Use 1:1 aspect ratio of 1080x1080 and 1080x1920

●      Create dynamic text effects

●      Help audience solve a problem

●      Customize thumbnails for more impact

●      Use visual consistency

So, if you already have an Instagram video marketing strategy, revisit and fine-tune accordingly to increase engagement and ROI.


It's quite evident that video has taken the social media world by storm and it will continue to dominate in the future as well.In order to succeed with your video marketing and create an impactful impression on social media, you've to do it right.

Whatever the platform you choose, your primary goal for creating videos should be clear. With a clear objective in mind, if you adopt the aforementioned tips, you'll see significant growth in your social media engagement rate in quick time.

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