Four Simple Tips for Car Branding in 2020

Four Simple Tips for Car Branding in 2020
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For small business owners, every branding or marketing avenue must be explored. It's no surprise that many entrepreneurs look to brand their cars as a way to get more eyes on their brand. The average American spends over 290 hours on the road every year. If you regularly take busy routes, branding your car can earn you thousands of car impressions every day.

However, getting your car in front of people is the easy part; you do that every day. Executing a proper car branding strategy that allows you to catch people's attention is the goal. In this article, we'll be looking at some easy-to-implement tips that can take your car branding from zero to hundred.

Keep it simple.

When branding a car, you must keep in mind that it's not going to be stationary unless it's in your garage. Most people that will see your car will do so while it's in motion. These people will be unable to stop and take in large amounts of information. At best, they get a few seconds.

Your design has to be clear and concise. It should only contain the essential information like your business name, logo, basics of what you do, and your contact details. Avoid the temptation of listing and describing all your services, even if you drive a minivan.

Keep the finished look in mind.

A common mistake that rookie car designers make is to assume that it's just like designing a banner or poster. One significant difference is that the car's design can quickly change with the opening of a door or rolling down a window.

Such alterations can leave viewers confused, and in rare cases, can be embarrassing. It's important to envision how the design will look like from all angles before approving it. Make sure that all the key elements are visible, clear, and passing the right message.

Be deliberate with your vinyl choice.

Most car owners don't bother themselves about the details of the kind of vinyl that's used in covering their cars. It is, however, essential to note that not all car vinyl is created equal.

There are at least four types of vinyl used in car branding:

  • Chrome vinyl
  • Air-release vinyl
  • Carbon vinyl
  • Matte vinyl

They all have different effects on the appearance of the car and have varying performance and durability indices. Find out more about car vinyl choices at

Get your measurements right.

For some reason or the other, you might not be able to get the signage company to directly measure the car's dimensions before making the vinyl wrap. In that case, it's important to be careful with the measurements you give out. The signage company will have to scale your design to meet the dimensions of the car. If the measurements are inaccurate, it can make the design look awkward.


Car branding is one of the cheapest ways to carry your company everywhere you go. Vinyl designs generally last long, so you'll definitely get your money's worth. However, the key thing to keep in mind is that once your car is branded, you become a representative of the company everywhere you go. Your company's reputation will no longer hinge on only your car's design, but also on how you act.

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