Michael Holston aka The Real Tarzann: Turning a Love for Animals into Life as an Online Influencer

Michael Holston aka The Real Tarzann: Turning a Love for Animals into Life as an Online Influencer
(Photo : Michael Holston aka The Real Tarzann: Turning a Love for Animals into Life as an Online Influencer)

The internet has opened up new opportunities for people worldwide to share their passions with others. The love that people have for certain aspects of life can shine through social media, which is one way that Michael Holston has evolved into this online persona of The Real Tarzann. He found his niche with animals and never looked back.

Watch just one video of Holston, and it is clear that his love of animals and learning about them is truly genuine. He has captivated audiences who typically do not have the opportunity to see many animals like this up close and personal. 

With increased fame comes responsibility, scrutiny, and more. Holston uses his online influence to raise awareness for animals and get people excited about what the animal kingdom has to offer. It all happened so fast, but for Holston, it is still just the beginning.

From a hobby to a career

Holston, at an early age, was not much different than just about any other person with interest in animals. He started volunteering and taking opportunities to interact with animals from time to time. What began as a hobby evolved into something more as he began to work hands-on with more exotic animals from around the world.

He started by taking jobs volunteering at pet stores before ultimately working with some private zoos in Miami-Dade County. These private zoos offered more exotic animals not found in the local pet shop, which is a big inspiration for what he has evolved into. From lizards to big cats, becoming comfortable around all animals came easy.

Holston was not quite sure where his hobby would lead him, but he began posting pictures and videos of his encounters with animals to share with family and friends. His travels and his level of engagement helped him take off as a budding social media star. The hobby started evolving into a genuine career opportunity to do what he loves.

A new type of education

When looking at Instagram photos or watching short online videos from The Real Tarzann account, most people are not looking for boring educational content. The way to capture attention is with unique experiences, catchy visuals, and an overall sense of excitement. Holston provides all of that, while also sneaking in some educational opportunities along the way. It is a new form of education that fits perfectly into today's world.

Holston loves the fact that a person can learn something new from every one of his videos. The beauty of it is that not everyone will realize that they are learning while also being entertained. That passive knowledge is something Holston takes a lot of pride in, and he hopes that he can continue to provide this type of content.

His impact on education and inspiring young viewers is a massive draw to building his online persona in general. The Real Tarzann loves the level of excitement that goes with being in the presence of different animals, but providing teaching moments is the primary draw. A more creative way of delivering education can speak to children in new ways.

There is a lot of misinformation floating around regarding animals, and it can sometimes glamorize the handling process. Holston enjoys making things exciting for the viewers, but he does not want to cross the line that it comes off as unprofessional. It is also an excellent way to kill proper education instead of helping out.

Building schools and stressing education

Some people, such as Holston, have carved their way without going the traditional route. This means some might assume he is a bit indifferent about education. However, Holston is using his platform to not only educate himself with cameras capturing the moments but to raise money for educational programs all around the world. The more educated individuals can become with animals, the more comfortable everyone is with sharing the planet.

Education also connects to the overall awareness of what needs doing to keep animals safe and healthy in their natural environment.  Even if it ends up being safety facts to handle an animal in the wild, there is no telling when information can come in handy. It is not a lecture from Holston, but as close to a hands-on opportunity as one can get while watching from afar.

Some might look at building schools as a dream more than anything else for Holston. He understands that for projects like this, it might take more than him to get it going. If he can lead a social media movement to get other influencers involved, that is one way to see meaningful results.

Holston's infectious personality is why he has been able to resonate with fans and collaborate with celebrities. Very few people have the same type of passion for their hobby as Holston. If he talks to the right people and inspires others, there is no doubt that different plans he has in mind could begin to come together. Education is a process he continues to work on to hopefully bring it all together at some point during his career.

Giving back

With so much success as an online influencer, some would say that Holston has made it. Ask the man himself, and he believes that this is just a beginning. Many of his goals connect to growing his numbers as a social media influencer, but it is about giving back and making the world a better place.

Micahel Holston thoroughly enjoys giving back to many communities that he visits. Many of these communities will have organizations in place to help keep animal habitats as safe as possible. Some of these organizations are directly responsible for keeping endangered species healthy, and that is why he becomes so passionate about these projects.

Holston has helped kickstart several grassroots campaigns while visiting areas to make changes. Whether it is fighting against animal abuse in Mexico or preserving the rainforest in Brazil, raising awareness while also donating time shows that he cares about keeping certain areas great.

Help from followers

Ultimately, Holston is self-aware as an influencer. He knows that he would not have the same type of opportunities as of right now without fan support. It can be a challenge for someone like him to continually push the limits, which is why he has diversified in some ways for new and engaging content.

As long as he has a platform, The Real Tarzann plans on using it. He has the opportunity to impact the animal world in a lot of different ways. Raising awareness and donating money always provides value, but giving up time tends to make the most significant impact. Life is as busy as ever for Holston, but he still finds time to help out with specific causes. Setting a great example can inspire viewers as well as other influencers who have similarly sized platforms. If he can get enough of his followers to join along for the ride, his impact on the world will be remarkable.

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