Bloggers and Their Exclusive Cars

Bloggers and Their Exclusive Cars
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Usually, people who have exclusive cars don't write about them too much (unless they own a blog about cars, of course). But today we aren't talking about Top Gears level. What can you do to become a car reviewer and get your own exclusive car to test? Let's see what qualities the companies search for to make the bloggers their ambassadors and loan them exclusive cars!

Building relationships with the audience

A ride is provided for a reason. Big brands want you to share their message and to show your experience as highly enjoyable, awesome, and generally classy. The ability to present yourself and make your videos or texts interesting is one of the most important qualities the brands want their ambassadors to have. Also, such bloggers use special services like FollowLiker to attract loyal audiences.

If you can show yourself having fun, be natural and act as if no one is watching - or, on the contrary, chat with the audience as with your best friends sitting near you, you have a great chance to draw the attention of the top car brands. 

Driving skills

Well, you don't have to be an expert in the car field, but you need to have minimal skills to show. People don't want to watch a blogger reading a prepared text. They want you to go live, sound authentic and tell about the car from your heart. You need to improvise, to know some information about gears, horsepowers, motor model and safety measures and demonstrate their possibilities.

You don't need to be an extremely skilled driver too, but if you are presenting a super fast sports car or a rally model, you'd have to show off a bit. Don't be afraid of driving a bit rough and going for adventures - isn't that what you need a top exclusive car for?

Aligning with the message of the brand

Brands and their lines have their own distinct personalities. Some are rough and brutal, almost military-like, some are sleek and glamorous, some fit into the "James Bond car" stereotypes, some possess the features of racing cars. To become the "face" of the line, you have to fit in. Of course, it doesn't work straight only. Sometimes the contrasts work equally well: a nerdy person in James Bond car, a stunning beauty rallying through the wilderness, and so on.

We aren't talking about the appearance only. It's more about the character you have. You and the car should fit each other, creating a wholesome picture for the audience. Think of it as a question: if you were a car, what car would it be?

The size of the audience

Unfortunately, sometimes the size matters even more than your personality. Giving a car for a blogger is a part of the marketing campaign, so the company wants to be sure that there are enough people excited with your post or video. Usually, a blogger needs several thousands of subscribers to become an ambassador of the brand.

The quality of the audience also matters. We don't say that all of your subscribers should be potential Tesla or Lexus customers, but they should align with the idea of the brand. If you are a survivalist, think about collaboration with Jeep, of you love fast and aggressive sports and show them to your audience, it is reasonable to look for a ride on a sports car and so on.

Exclusive cars don't appear out of the blue. The bloggers, average ones, get them for a ride just for being awesome. It is completely possible to get one for yourself, and you don't have to be a celebrity. It is always a great idea to write a few words to the company and ask about the ambassador program. You are not losing anything, but can win a ride of your life! Good luck! And if you get bored or accidently crash you can sell your car for cash.

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