How to Create a Stunning Daily Vlog?


Daily vlogs are the audiovisual counterparts of blogging. More than words, video bloggers sit right in front of the computer and share their ideas, often promoting a product, service, or idea that is the main content or subject matter of their site. Vlogging gets the attention of followers more readily than long pages of text. Hence, bloggers are moving onto vlogging to capture a growing audience or pool of followers out there.


What are Some Good Vlog Ideas?

Here are some popular and trending vlog ideas that catch attention and develop followership easily:

  • Cooking Videos

If you are good at cooking or preparing certain special meals or snacks, you can create daily vlog videos of preparing the same. These also enable vloggers to stay away from the camera, if they are camera shy. If you are sharing a common or popular food item preparation that is easy to follow, it is sure to get attention on different social media platforms, especially YouTube.

  • Beauty Routines

Promoting different kinds of beauty care routines or products has proven lucrative for many vloggers. Whether you have obtained such a promotion deal or simply wish to show off an effective beauty care regime that you can do at home, vlogging will definitely be more effective than simply writing about it with pictures.

  • Travel Videos

This is another category of daily vlog that gets attention from viewers online. Whether you are visiting a popular place, reviewing food at a restaurant, or checking out an offbeat hiking trail, make it unique and your vlog is sure to get attention out there.

  • Art and Craft

This is another popular category that draws in viewers. Children and young adults find such videos useful and inspirational and parents are happy to see such videos inspire and educate their children. 

  • Pranks

These are done usually by children or young adults in good humor. Many people find such videos relaxing and entertaining to watch.

  • Share Lifestyle Ideas

Whether it is house décor, wardrobe makeover, or interesting table layouts, these are videos that many women find engaging to watch, especially as it gives them a visual of what such changes can look like.

  • Workout Videos

This is another category that is extremely popular, especially among those who choose to workout at home. Even for gym-goers, exercise daily vlogs provide them an idea of different workouts, workout gear to use, and other useful information.

How to Start a Daily Vlog: A Beginner's Guide

Here are some step by step instructions on how to prepare, conduct shooting, edit, and upload videos for vlogging:


  • Prepare

In this step, especially if you are a beginner, you need to watch other vlogs to understand how they conduct the sessions. Gets inspiration regarding the kind of backdrop they use and the length or duration of the videos? Checking out such videos in detail will help one gain inspiration as well as get useful tips for shooting videos for vlogging.

Besides preparing oneself, planning the script, you need to get shooting equipment ready. This usually comprises a microphone, a camera, a tripod, and software for making video edits. You could also use a selfie stick to shoot videos on the go.


  • Shooting the Video

Now you need to get started with the recording. When you are doing it for the first time, you might want to make several retakes of shoots. That should be okay, especially if you are doing it with a good camera along with adequate lighting. The composition is also important which comprises your background, lighting effects, and frames. Vlog footage should be done in strong lighting and frames of your images should be attractive and lively. Ensure that your script sounds casual and normal and engages with the audience. 

It is important that you keep the video spans short and ensure that the first 15 seconds are captivating for the viewers.


  • Editing Vlog Videos

Once you are happy with the raw footage captured for your daily vlog, you need the right editing software to make your videos flawless, add on desired effects, fine-tune the audio and stream the same on different social media platforms.

To make the editing process easy, you can look at a versatile software suite such as Wondershare Filmora9. With this software, editing is easy with the different features it offers. You can use this software to rotate, trim, split, merge, crop, or flip videos using minimal effort. This is made possible with the simple user interface that the software provides. 

Useful features that this software provides are editing and exporting videos of high resolution, even up to 4K. It can remove background noise and layer in several video clips using the picture in picture option. Users can control speed and add on slow-mo effects. You can also detach audio from the video clip to edit the same. There is a large library or collection of video and audio effects to choose from to enhance the videos. Transition elements, adding texts or tiles, music, overlays, or filters are some of the numerous features of this software as in-store.

  • Sharing or Uploading Videos

Once your video is edited and ready, this software aids in exporting the same in different formats. You can share it in different formats. It helps to upload on many sites directly, optimize the same for mobile devices as well as save in DVD format to preserve hard copies.



With the help of a versatile filming and editing software like Wondershare Filmora9, you are ready to do daily vlog shooting in style, even if you are new to the processes. All you need is time to explore the different ways to shoot videos and edit the same as well as taking time to explore the different effects and features you can use to make your videos compelling, creative, and attractive. Finally, check the responses of your viewers and their feedback which will give you new ideas and inspire you to do more with your upcoming videos. 

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