Get Your Summer Body Ready

Get Your Summer Body Ready
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Preparing for summer is not always fun-packed. It comes with an array of worries, one of which is losing weight while retaining muscle. Or what you would normally call as the "summer body" or a "cutting cycle."

Losing weight can prove to be way more difficult than it seems, especially if you don't want to lose muscle along with it. Many things came into consideration, like a workout routine, diet, supplements, rest, and intensity.

To make getting the perfect summer body physique easier for you, here are some suggestions that will help you drop a few pounds of fat while keeping most muscle mass.

Pick The Right Workout Routine

Exercise is essential if you want to lose weight and retain muscle mass. Only by cutting diet will you restrict the energy to your muscles, and they will deteriorate. But there are numerous workouts, and picking the wrong one won't work out either.

So how do you pick the right workout routine?

The best answer to that is to know your body because no one else can tell you better to do. Everybody type is different and reacts differently to various workouts. For example, if you are the type to lose weight without exercise, you will probably lose muscle.

The exercise that goes hand in hand with most needs is cardio. Running, swimming, skipping, rowing, etc. are all good examples of cardio. Although some people report losing upper body strength when doing cardio, there is no substantial difference to believe it.

Unlike muscles, you cannot focus your exercise on affecting one part of your body or losing fat in a specific area. You can do some compound exercises that make you sweat will help you lose fat and strengthen muscles.

Meet Your Dietary Needs

The very first resort for many people looking to lose weight is exploring different diets. While there is no denying its effectiveness, there are other routine-friendly diets that you can look into.

I have never been an advocate of a specific type of diet plan. Again, you know your body best and should choose your meal and nutrients wisely. The best advice to take would be to look up the calories and nutrients of different food items and then pick out the ones you like.

What most crash-diets do is that they restrict your calories or completely ignore an essential part of the diet. Such diets work by fat loss and muscle degeneration alike. Because if you're not consuming enough healthy fats, carbs, and lean protein, you do not give enough food to your muscles to regenerate.

Having healthy substitutes for your routine snacks and not missing out meals will give you ample energy for working out and muscle growth. But it is always wise to keep a check on the fat and sugary intakes. You can substitute soft drinks and juices with green tea, vegetable juice, and coconut water.

Use Supplements 

The thing about supplements is that you think they're only for pro athletes and serious gym-goers. I am not a fitness-freak myself either, which is why I can relate to the misconception.

But what I have learned through experience and research is otherwise. You don't have to be a hardcore gym-goer to start taking on supplements like whey protein and kratom white maeng da. These supplements benefit anyone from consuming them as they make it easy to reach your daily protein and nutrients intake. You can stock up on White Maeng Da kratom by ordering on the Kratom Krush online shop.

A complete dose of protein gives your muscles enough energy to regenerate and exert. But if you're not exercising and still consuming them, they will still help you prevent muscle degeneration.

The hype is all about supplements because it gets very difficult to fulfill your protein and nutrient intake otherwise. Although consuming natural food items looks much healthier, there is never a single compound in food items.

For example, steak has a high dosage of protein, but it also has fats and other compounds that you might be cutting down on. And supplements help you overcome such obstacles. So order your kratom online from Kratom Krush and keep your energy reserve at full to prevent any muscle loss.

Give Yourself Time For Recovery

Since most of my points have been about incorporating exercise with a diet for weight loss, here is a tip on that specific topic.

When intending to lose weight, you naturally limit your caloric intake. And this puts your muscles under additional stress as they need more time to recover. If you're acquainted with workouts and fitness, you probably already know about the importance of rest for muscle growth.

The foremost thing is to ensure getting enough sleep because that is when most of the recovery happens. Secondly, it is also very effective to divide your active days of the week, so you give your muscles time to recover.

About the first point of choosing your workout routine, pick a workout with two or more rest days. The key point is not to work out a single muscle group more than two times in a week. This way, you'll be burning enough fat to lose a few pounds while improving your muscle mass.

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