Resources Every Student Needs to Learn from Home Successfully

Resources Every Student Needs to Learn from Home Successfully
(Photo : Resources Every Student Needs to Learn from Home Successfully )

The transition to online learning has been a significant change for students accustomed to in-class education. However, with access to the right resources, students can effectively adjust to maintain focus and succeed when learning online.

With online learning rising in popularity, more students and parents find themselves establishing a routine for continued academic success at home. This transition has become easier over time as parents, students, and teachers adjust, form strategies, and identify what works and what doesn't work.

Now, parents, teachers, and students can better identify what students need for successful online learning. 

Academic Support

Many wrongfully think that learning from home means less need for academic support. At this time, students are trying to find their footing and accommodate a new learning style. They need academic help to fill in their knowledge gaps and learn tools to maintain focus and comprehension during this transition.

The good news is that there are online tutors like Prep Academy Tutors who offer online tutoring and small group tutoring to help provide students with any extra support they may need to succeed academically in a remote, online setting. 

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A Designated Work Area 

Time and time again, the importance of having a designated work area is emphasized for at-home productivity. Whether you are working from home or learning from home, having a designated workspace is essential. 

Having a space for work helps students focus, maintain routine, and gain a sense of independence. A work area provides students with a destination they can go to every day and associate with learning. 

Additionally, having a desk or any other area to learn gives students independence and the opportunity to customize their space to ensure it is comfortable for learning. 

Having a designated work area also helps remove distractions. Whether your child's working space is in an office, a corner of their bedroom, or the kitchen table, they can remove themselves from everyday distraction. It is also helpful for others in the home to designate the area to avoid entering during school hours. A person standing in front of a computer

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According to USA Facts, there are 4.4 million households with children who don't have regular access to online learning resources like computers.

The disparity in access to technology has been made particularly apparent at this time when all students require access to computers and related devices. Students need to have access to a computer at this time, so schools must ensure all students have the resources they need to succeed. 

Inclusive learning is essential, and schools must support students and equip them with these sources. Fortunately, some schools and computer manufacturers provide students with this necessary technology, but some students still require access to devices to learn online.

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Believe it or not, breaks are an essential resource for students. Edutopia reports on various studies that show how short breaks can help students focus, reduce stress, and improve their overall productivity. 

Breaks help students establish a routine and prevent students from overextending themselves to remain focused during work times. Parents can encourage students to take short breaks for g productive activities like making lunch, reading, etc. 

With teachers, tutors, and parents' help, students can obtain the resources they need to learn online successfully. Everyone needs to work together to set up students for success. 

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