From Polar Landscapes to Roaming with Penguins, Discover the Wondrous Antarctic

From Polar Landscapes to Roaming with Penguins, Discover the Wondrous Antarctic
(Photo : From Polar Landscapes to Roaming with Penguins, Discover the Wondrous Antarctic )

Imagine leaving the mark of your footprint in centuries old snow that has never been touched upon by anyone before. That is just one of the many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that await in the 800 mile stretch of ice and land known as the Antarctic Peninsula. There is no time like the present to experience a destination of staggering beauty from the icebergs and glaciers to diverse wildlife at close range. 

Voyage across frozen ocean waters on an Antarctic Peninsula cruise for a truly unparalleled travel experience. Now get ready to discover what wonders await when you embark on the polar adventure of a lifetime. 

Wildlife of the Last Untouched Continent 

With no indigenous people, no economy or politics, the awe-inspiring Antarctic Peninsula is a truly raw location to witness wildlife in the most humbling way. Known as the ultimate destination for travelers to observe teeming colonies of penguins, the Antarctic is home to several penguin species, including: 

  • Gentoo penguins

  • King penguins

  • Emperor penguins 

  • Adelie penguins, and

  • Chinstrap penguins 

The Antarctic Peninsula has numerous breathtaking locations to view penguins that no visitor will want to miss. Some popular, not so "hot" but "cold spots" to put on your list of must-see places are:

  • Neko Harbour - Gentoo penguins breed on the spectacular cobblestone beach 

  • South Shetland Islands - abundant with Gentoo, Adelie and Chinstrap penguins

However, the waddles of penguins are not the only wildlife species to call this icy landscape home. The surrounding waters of the Antarctic has a vast concentration of marine wildlife, such as: 

  • Minke whales

  • Humpback whales

  • Killer whales

  • Leopard seals

  • Elephant seals

  • Fur seals, and so much more! 

There is one thing most travelers to the Antarctic will agree on, you never know where to point your camera! 

When to Visit

Traveling to the astonishing Antarctic Peninsula is sure to be an unforgettable vacation experience at any point in time that you choose to go. However, there are specific times in the calendar year that offer the exclusive chance to enjoy certain experiences. Three travel times with a unique lure to consider are:

1. November to December  

Following the harsh winter, this is the time when the pack ice starts melting, icebergs are at their greatest mass, and longer days of natural light illuminate the frozen landscape. This is also the period when penguins and seabirds court and lay eggs. 

2. December to February 

The sunlight increases up to 20-hours a day with stunning views of glacier calving from rising temperatures. The penguin chicks begin hatching and whale watching is prime during this period. 

3. February to March 

The days begin to shorten, creating spectacular sunsets across the horizon. The pack ice is receding which allows ships to explore further south in Antarctica. This is also the opportune time for plentiful sightings of minke, humpback and killer whales. 

Now all that's left to do is decide when to unpack your parka and go discover the wonders of the Antarctic! 

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