4 Miami Lifestyle Dangers

Miami is one of America's great cities. There are many fun things to do there year-round, and the people who live there will tell you that the Miami lifestyle is one of the best that you can experience. Nowhere else will you find the ideal mix of weather, nightlife, culture, cuisine, and family-friendly activities.

Nowhere is entirely problem-free, though, and some Miami dangers are worth mentioning. We'll talk about a few of those here, so you'll know what to avoid if you live there or if you plan on making Miami your vacation destination.

Swimming Pool Injuries and Deaths

The swimming pool seems like a suitable place to enjoy a long, sunny afternoon. You might have your own pool if you live in Miami, or maybe you're spending a lot of time at the hotel pool if you're visiting.

If you're spending time at a public pool, you want to be sure to tell your kids never to run by the poolside area. If they do, and one of them trips and falls, you might have to find yourself a wrongful death lawyer before too long.

Florida has what's called the Wrongful Death Act. If a loved one dies, you have just two years to file under it, so keep that in mind if you're going to try and hold the hotel liable.

Remember, though, that if there is no lifeguard on duty, and there are signs saying you and your kids may swim at your own risk, you might not win a wrongful death lawsuit. You'll have to consult with a lawyer to see whether it's worth pursuing.

Dog Bites

There are a lot of dogs in Miami, and some of them are bad-tempered animals. That's because some individuals keep them to guard their property. It is not unusual to walk through some neighborhoods and to see Dobermans or Rottweilers patrolling behind fenced-in yards.

Many people think of walking as part of the Miami lifestyle, as many individuals like to take a daily constitutional to keep fit. The issue is if you see a dog that's off its leash, or it's in a yard with no fence.

Such a situation can lead to a dog bite. The animal may want to protect its property, and it might take a piece out of you if you try to run.

You can call the police about loose dogs. If you know the property to which the animal belongs, you can give the authorities that information as well.

Bike Accidents

You might also like to ride your bike around Miami. That's an excellent way to enjoy the splendid weather and to burn off some calories. You can even slather on some sunblock and work on your tan at the same time.

The problem is that some drivers don't want to share the road with cyclists. You have every right to use Miami's streets to get around, and if someone runs into you, you can hold them liable.

If they try to speed off, you must attempt to get their license plate number. If you couldn't catch it, you can look around the area to see if any traffic or security cameras picked it up.

If the driver didn't stop when they hit you, you can tell the cops about that. They will arrest the driver when they catch them, as motorists should never leave an accident scene.


Miami also does have a healthy snake population. You won't usually find them in an urban area, but if you get to the city's outskirts, you can sometimes encounter them.

Florida has a healthy python population. They aren't actually native to the area, but they are there now, mostly due to pet pythons getting loose during hurricanes. Lots of these snakes are currently in the wild, breeding and driving out other animal species.

Pythons are not venomous, but they can grow to extraordinary lengths. If you encounter one, it can give you a nasty bite, or you could be in some trouble if it wraps itself around you when you're not expecting it. Small children and pets are in much more danger from them.

If you spot one, be sure to call animal control to let them know about it. Don't try to capture it by yourself.

For the most part, you should enjoy Miami. It has so much to offer, and it accommodates so many different cultures. Just be sure to stay safe there, whether you're a native or a tourist.

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