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Oliver Jackson-Cohen, despite often playing villainous roles, soon became a heartthrob, albeit, a horror heartthrob. While his characters are most certainly no sweethearts, the actor in reality is one of most compelling and handsome stars out there. Here are some interesting facts about Oliver that fans might not know:

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  1.  During the production of his famous movie “The Invisible Man,” despite appearing physically only in a few scenes, he was mostly in the sets helping hi co-star Elisabeth Moss in acting out the scenes better.
  2.  He is most of the scenes where his co-star Moss is emoting to an empty room. Throughout the filming of those scenes, he would be clad in a tight green-screen suit.
  3.  In fact, he was there in the sets for two months, and often discussed the script with Moss, about the scenes in which she would need him and in which his presence was not required.
  4.  In the 2020 "The Haunting of the Bly Manor," he was initially supposed to play the role of the gardener love interest of Dani, but creator Mike Flanagan was not satisfied.
  5.  This was because, in the 2018 "The Haunting of Hill House" Oliver and Victoria played twins. Flanagan though the audience might find it strange and hence cast Oliver as the dastardly but tragic Peter Quint.
  6.  He has received offers for many TV series and network shows, but has often turned them down, as he did not want to be committed.
  7.  He claimed that just doing a pilot episode after committing, then waiting, was not something he is interested in doing at that moment.
  8.  Oliver Mansour Jackson-Cohen was born on October 24, 1986 to David Cohen and Betty Jackson, in Westminster, London.
  9.  His mother is a fashion designer, while his father is a business partner of his mother. His father David is from an Egyptian Jewish family that settled in France in the 1950s. His mother is English.
  10.  During his childhood days, he attended a French-language school at the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in London, due to which he claims to have his popular slight French accent.
  11.  Recalling those times, he once talked about a maroon “Lion King” tracksuit that his mother couldn’t take it off him. He claimed that he wore the tracksuit, until the sleeves ended at elbows and trousers ended at knees.
  12.  In the initial days of his career as an actor, he took up jobs like washing vases for a florist, in order to financially support himself. In the weekends, he went to the Youngblood Theatre Company.
  13.  At that time, he has secured a place at the New York's prestigious Lee Strasberg acting school, but had to delay enrolling, as he was offered a major role in Lark Rise to Candleford.
  14.  It was said that he left after four months in Lee Strasberg acting school, for the role. However, his real intention was to get a foundational year before reapplying in London.
  15.  His parents were quite worried about him, at first, when he was not able to get any good roles. Still, they encouraged him, despite worrying whether he could make a living as an actor.
  16.  Initially, when he was taking up the career as acting, he was advised by almost everyone he knew, to have a backup, in case, his career as an actor didn’t work out.
  17.  However, when it came to Oliver, he had only wanted to act, and if there was anything else that he could have done and enjoyed, he would have surely tried it.
  18.  He claims that acting gives him an adrenalin rush that he never gets from doing anything else, and that’s one of the reasons for him to stick to the acting career.
  19.  He had always wanted to work with Jeremy Piven on any project, even if it was for a minor role. At last, he ended up working with Piven on the 2013 “Mr Selfridge.”
  20.  Even for his very first movie "Going the Distance," Oliver was able to do a very convincing American accent, although his natural accent is slightly towards French.
  21.  However, the director Nanette Burstein chose to have Oliver speak in his natural British accent throughout the movie, in an effort to make his character even more appealing.
  22.  In the initial days of his career, he was advised that during audition, you just have to say anything and everything that the directors and producers would like to hear, and the rest can be figured out later.
  23.  Taking this advice to heart, he once told the producers during an audition that he could ride horses, but in reality, he is too terrified of horses. Still, the result was he landed the role.
  24.  He has been engaged to his co-star Jessica De Gouw from the “Dracula” TV series, whom he met during the filming. They couple have been together since 2013.
  25.  Talking about getting married, he often claimed that he wants to have a life just like his parents, who have been together for more than 35 years, sharing the same values.
  26.  After the completion of the production of "The Invisible Man," director Leigh Whannell flew to London, just to film a single line of dialogue from Adrian - "that shouldn't come as a surprise."
  27.  At that time, Oliver's face had changed slightly, due to which they had to use digital touch-ups to match it with the entire movie.
  28.  Oliver claims that he is not a big fan of bulking up for a particular role, only to lose weight for the next role, though he would do it, if situation calls for.
  29.  Being half-French, he loves his food, and doesn't like the idea of boiled chicken breast for breakfast. However, he doesn't mind working out even severe regimens for any role.
  30.  In preparation for his role as the Killer in the 2010 movie "Faster," he and his co-stars Dwayne Johnson and Maggie Grace, spent day training at Rick Seasman's Stunt Driving School.
  31.  Oliver Jackson-Cohen Net Worth: $3 Million

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