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Tyler Joseph
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Tyler Joseph, known as the frontman for the musical duo Twenty One Pilots, is one of the very few musicians, who has always connects with the fans in an emotional level, with his songs. But still, there are a lot more to the singer, than just his life in the band. Here are some interesting things about Tyler that will blow your mind:

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  1.  Just as Joseph and Dun announced the title of the fourth album “Blurryface” and revealed its track listing, the fans crashed their website in an attempt to pre-order the album.
  2.  Twenty One Pilots’s Christmas song – “Christmas Saves the Year” was released on December 8, 2020, in a Twitch livestream, hosted by Joseph.
  3.  However, he claimed in an interview that he had been too reluctant in writing a Christmas song and tried to avoid it. But was later inspired by the fact that he was “experiencing Christmas through a little girl’s perspective.”
  4.  Being an intern at the church, he was the lead star in the Five14 Church's three episode mockumentary titled "The (moderately inspiring tale of the) Longboard Rodeo Tango" in the year 2011.
  5.  Tyler Robert Joseph was born on December 1, 1988, in Columbus, Ohio to Christopher Anthony “Chris” Joseph and Kelly Joseph.
  6.  He has two brothers – Zack Joseph and Jay Joseph, both of whom are also popular musicians. He also has a sister named Madison Brett.
  7.  His father, a Lebanese descent, was a coach at Worthington Christian High School for nearly a decade from the year 1996 to 2005. He was also a former school principal.
  8.  His mother initially worked as a mathematics teacher in the Olentangy school district, before being named as the basketball coach of Olentangy Orange High School, in the year 2013.
  9.  Since a very young age, Joseph played basketball, and even played as the point guard for Worthington Christian High School. In the Division IV state tournament of 2008, the basketball team was placed second.
  10.  His future bandmate, bassist Nick Thomas, was also on the same team as Joseph, and the duo is known to have performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" together at one of their games.
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  12.  Joseph received an offer to play basketball for Otterbein University team, along with a scholarship to study in the University, but rejected it, after watching a songwriter perform at a High Street club.
  13.  He started playing music after finding an old keyboard, which was a Christmas gift from his mother, in his closet, and started to mimick various radio melodies.
  14.  In the year 2007, he started a YouTube channel “Slushieguys” and uploaded short comedic skits and videos. Although there hasn’t been any new content on the channel since 2013, the subscribers count has gone beyond 125 thousand, as of February 2021.
  15.  Around the same time, he recorded his solo album “No Phun Intended,” in his basement. His friend Thomas is said to have contributed guitar notes to several songs on the album.
  16.  The song “Save” from the album, was later rerecorded and released as a free download for a limited period of time, on the Twenty One Pilots’s official website.
  17.  He, along with his friend Thomas, who was the bassist, and drummer Chris Salih, formed the Twenty One Pilots in 2009. But just within in two years, Thomas and Salih left the band.
  18.  In the year 2011, the band released their second album “Regional at Best” which consisted of the duo Joseph and drummer Josh Dun.
  19.  In the initial days of his career with Twenty One Pilots, his mother would often give away tickets to his shows, standing outside of Ohio State University.
  20.  He recalled those times and claimed that his mother would tell every single person she comes across – “Come see my son play music.”
  21.  He was featured in Mark C. Eshleman’s “Where Are You?” – an internet-use awareness video for the annual contest “What’s Your Story?” in the year 2012.
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  23.  In the 2014 Dallon Weekes’s song “Sickly Sweet Holidays,” Joseph is said to have contributed backing vocals. It was reported that he initially had an entire verse in the song, which was excluded due to his label.
  24.  After a discussing with his fans about the situations like suicide that they were going through, and how they used music and songs, and that his songs in particular to get over them, he was inspired to write a track “Guns for Hands.”
  25.  He was featured in the song "Live" by the rapper Joseph Michael Langston, professionally known by his stage name Jocef, who is a good friend of Tyler, in the year 2010.
  26.  The track “Live” is said to have been co-written by Tyler and Jocef, and is also the opening track of the rapper’s debut album “In Search of: L.O.V.E.”
  27.  A year later, Jocef, as a returning favor, was featured in the “Twenty One Pilots” song “Be Concerned” from the band’s 2011 album “Regional at Best.”
  28.  He participated and sang “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,” at the Five14 Church's “Christmas With the Stars,” on the Christmas Eve - December 24, 2013. The official video was uploaded to YouTube on February 14, 2014.As a part of the show, he also performed a magic segment with the church’s host and emcee David McCreary.
  29.  Joseph got engaged to Jenna Black on July 8, 2014, after dating her for a while. The duo got married on March 28, 2015, in a private ceremony. They have a daughter Rosie Joseph born on February 9, 2020.
  30.  During the worldwide lockdown relating to COVID-19 pandemic, the Twenty One Pilots released a new single “Level of Concern,” which focused on the anxiety brought by the COVID-19.
  31.  The accompanying music video for the single, is said to have been filmed in the residences of Joseph and Dun, as they were also under the self-quarantine restrictions.
  32.  Joseph donated a portion of the single’s proceeds to Crew Nation, a charity for live music crews, who were not being paid during the international quarantine period.
  33.  Tyler Joseph Net Worth: $16 Million

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