University of Phoenix’s Commitment to Adult Education via Flexible Classes, Relevant Coursework and Proven Instructional Design Shine in Online Reviews


University of Phoenix was founded on the understanding that working adults have different needs, goals and career aspirations than the traditional college-age student. The university aims to deliver instructional material that is relevant to the workplace in a manner that is easy for learners of all types to process and apply at their own pace. This program feature has been instrumental in the university helping countless students balance work, life and learning goals while earning the advanced degrees needed to succeed in their careers. The reviews below highlight the university's commitment to the ideal of the working and learning adult, and they demonstrate just how transformative the University of Phoenix teaching model can be.

Our first reviewer openly stated that enrolling at University of Phoenix was the best choice she had made in her college career. She pointed out that the faculty really wants to help all students make better lives for themselves. They do everything they can to accommodate the unexpected things that life can throw at you, and the university makes it easy for you to incorporate schooling into your busy life schedule.

With convenient classes that are offered online or on-campus at selection locations, going back to school is a now feasible option for working adults - something that traditional colleges that offer only campus-based learning cannot compete with. Access your class online, study at your own pace and earn your degree while you prepare for future opportunities in your career.  

On-campus and online learners all have access to the same resources and guidance from enrollment through to graduation. Students can access the university's innovative learning platform, career services and many educational resources that can help with whatever learning or career enhancement goals you may have.

Another student said that she loved attending the university. She also noted that, as an accredited university, the coursework is very hard, a fact that pushed her to study even harder. While you cannot expect the instructors to hold your hand, learning by doing is something you will have to do yourself in the real world and the real workplace, so the university's approach is just as intense as the learning curve is in industry. With plenty of lab training to learn and understand real-world scenarios in programming, cybersecurity and more, this student feels University of Phoenix helped her step up her game, and she says she is proud to be a graduate.

Our final reviewer said that he truly enjoyed his time at University of Phoenix. He started in 2008 and had to pause his studies in 2014. However, he was able to resume in 2019 and complete his journey of earning an associate degree and a bachelor's degree. Now, he is just three courses from receiving his master's degree. While study timelines, course workloads, schedules, assignments and graduation requirements vary from person to person and from program to program, the common thread across all University of Phoenix student experiences is the support, flexibility, resources, faculty experience and real-world education that a University of Phoenix course, certificate or degree will give you during your studies. Whether you are a first-time college enrollee, a returning student or someone who wants to pivot to a new career or a new line of work, you can find the guidance, resources, programs and course options that will work for you.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 by John Sperling, a Cambridge-educated economist, professor and entrepreneur. He wanted to provide adults with the higher education they would need to excel in the workplace, and that is exactly what the university has done for the past 45 years. Although tools, technologies and delivery media have changed over the years, the university's commitment has remained the same: to help people enhance their lives through education.

The university's instructional framework reflects the teaching strategies most important for the working adult population, and all courses and programs are designed to be flexible, relevant and supportive to all learners. They take into account the unique learning paradigms that work best with non-traditional students, and they adopt a context-driven approach to teaching and learning instead of a content-driven approach to reinforce the application course content in real-world scenarios.

The university prides itself on providing students with access to quality education, ongoing support and a range of resources to help them succeed. The university's instructors are practitioners in their fields. Academic theory, lifelong learning and professional practice are integrated into every course in a way that supports the needs of adult learners. University of Phoenix strives to help students develop relevant skills that can be easily applied to their current work and life experiences, and with innovation and dedication, the university and its students can work toward a better tomorrow.

The university offers associate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees along with a variety of certificate programs that can help you reach your learning and professional goals. Learn more by visiting

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University of Phoenix

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