30 Mind-Blowing Facts About Margot Robbie That Will Make You Love Her More

Margot Robbie
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Margot Robbie, who gave life to the crazy Harley Quinn in the world of live action cinema, has been leaving the audience in awe since her appearance in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” In fact, with every role she takes, she keeps proving that there is more to this Aussie actress, than that meets the eye. Here are some interesting facts about her that will make you fall in love with her:

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  1.  It was Robbie who proposed the idea of “Birds of Prey” – as a female-led superhero action movie, to DC and Warner Bros., and they agreed with her vision.
  2.  Apart from just starring in “Birds of Prey,” she is also on board as producer with her LuckyChap production company. In fact, this is her production company’s largest project till date.
  3.  In an effort to avoid damaging her hair, for her role as Tonya Harding in the movie “I, Tonya,” she wore wigs. Ironically, instead of regular hair products, beer was used by the hair team, to achieve the crunchy permed look.
  4.  While auditioning for the role of Naomi Lapaglia in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” she accidentally slapped Leonardo DiCaprio more violently than she intended to.
  5.  Robbie kind of got a little lost in the moment, immersing herself in the character, and slapped his face saying “Fuck You.” She feared DiCaprio would sue her, but he was impressed with her courage and even asked her to hit him again.
  6.  Margot Elise Robbie was born on July 2, 1990 to Doug Robbie, a former farm owner and Sarie Kessler, a physiotherapist, in Dalby, Queensland.
  7.  She had three siblings – two brothers – Lachlan Robbie and Cameron Robbie, and one sister named Anya Robbie. All four of them were raised by their single mother, and had very minimal contact with their father.
  8.  In an effort to help her mother, she worked three jobs simultaneously, when she was just 16 years old – tending to bar, cleaning houses and working at a Subway.
  9.  At the age of 8, she took circus lessons and even received a trapeze certificate, which were extremely useful for her role as Harley Quinn, in the 2016 movie “Suicide Squad.”
  10.  She graduated from Somerset College in Mudgeeraba, Queensland. At the age of 17, she moved to Melbourne, Victoria, begin acting professionally.
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  12.  During the seduction scene between her and Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” director Martin Scorsese had offered Robbie to appear wearing a bathrobe.
  13.  However, it was Robbie who refused the offer and insisted on performing the entire scene, fully nude, as she felt the scene required it. This was the first time in her career to perform a fully nude scene.
  14.  She claimed that she had to take three shots of tequila in succession, before filming the scene, in an effort to relax herself for the scene.
  15.  Initially, she told her friends and family that CGI was used to superimpose her head on a body-double, for the nude scene, in order to delay any personal repercussions. But, when the movie was released, she changed her mind and confessed it fully.
  16.  She had literally no rehearsals, prior to filming her scene with Jared Leto in the 2016 movie “Suicide Squad,” as director David Ayer felt it would pave way for the unpredictability and madness of their characters Harley Quinn and The Joker.
  17.  She performed a majority of the stunts in the “suicide Squad” by herself, and director David Ayer stated that it was her stunt double who spent more time simply sitting around in the trailer, than Robbie, who wanted to perform every stunt by herself.
  18.  Her role of Jane Porter in the 2016 movie “The Legend of Tarzan,” required her to lose weight, but she simply refused to do so, stating that she would prefer being healthy, rather than being skinny.
  19.  Before taking on the role of Tonya Harding in “I. Tonya,” she did not have the required skating experience, even though she was a member of an amateur ice hockey league.
  20.  The filming of the sex scene with Leonardo DiCaprio on a bed full of cash, in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” had been extremely uncomfortable for her, as the fake paper bills with sharp edges left multiple paper cuts to her back.
  21.  It took more than three hours every day for Robbie to transform into Harley Quinn in the movie “Suicide Squad.” Her make-up routine included painting her skin white, applying 20 temporary tattoos, applying Harley Quinn’s wig, and getting into the costume.
  22. Margot Robbie"Margot Robbie" by rocor is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

  23.  In fact, on the very first day of filming the movie, director David Ayer had a chunk of her right eyebrow shaved off, giving her the mean look required for her character of Harley Quinn.
  24.  Despite undergoing extensive training for her role as Tonya Harding in the movie “I, Tonya,” she could not perform a triple axel. In fact, even a skating double couldn’t perform it, as only a few women figure skaters can perform it.
  25.  Producer Tom Ackerley clearly stated that since Tonya Harding, there have been only six women who could perform a triple axel. By chance, even if there was anyone who could perform it today, that athlete would be training for Olympic, and will not risk doing it for the movie.
  26.  She underwent rigorous training for nearly six months before the shooting of “Suicide Squad” which included gymnastics, weapons training, boxing, aerial silk training. She even had to learn to hold her breath underwater for extended periods of time – up to 5 minutes or longer.
  27.  She met Tom Ackerley, the third assistant director of the movie “Suite Française,” on the sets, during the filming of the movie in 2013, and started dating him in 2014.
  28.  After dating for 2 years, the couple got married in a ceremony in Byron Bay, New South Wales in December 2016. The duo currently reside in Los Angeles.
  29.  She was announced as the ambassador of Chanel in February 2018. Robbie was the last brand ambassador picked by Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel, before his death in February 2019.
  30.  She even became the face of the luxury fashion band’s fragrance “Chanel Gabrielle Chanel Essence,” in the year 2019. Previously she was the face of Calvin Klein’s Deep Euphoria fragrance.
  31.  Before the filming of “I, Tonya” commenced, she met the real Tonya Harding, and talked about the difficulties she had during the ice skating training sessions.
  32.  Harding, being concerned about Margot, even suggested that she would teach Margot some techniques, but, unfortunately, Margot did not have her ice skates with her, during the meeting.
  33.  Margot Robbie Net Worth: $26 Million

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