Simple DIY Home Sprucing Ideas for Spring

Simple DIY Home Sprucing Ideas for Spring
(Photo : Pixabay) Simple DIY Home Sprucing Ideas for Spring

Spring has finally sprung and we love how this time of year oozes promises of renewal and energizing vernal vibes. It almost feels like we can ride the momentum of spring as we prance with poppies perking up and boogie alongside blooming buttercups. We can feel life surging all around us and that is great motivation to start surging on home improvements. Wait, what? Okay, maybe there a bazillion other things you'd rather do than work on or around the house. But this time of year when warmer days urge us to do a bit of spring sprucing can result in a perfect storm of DIY projects that are simple and enjoyable.

As you know, we are no strangers to home improvements and house renovations. When we're not traveling, you can usually find us fiddling with fixer-uppers and fussing with various house projects. It's not always smooth sailing, but it's darn tootin' rewarding to complete a home improvement project that we've christened with our blood, sweat (and sometimes a tear or two). The feeling of satisfaction when we stand back and see the materialization of our hard work truly gives us wings!  

The first step to acing a spring home sprucing session is to assess the situation. That means pinning down priorities, pre-planning, and understanding the length of time a DIY home improvement project might take (and the inconveniences it may present). Get it fixed in your head that it's going to take time to accomplish results and setbacks are likely to smack you between the eyes. That's why planning is crucial before even picking up a paint can.

Thankfully, we're not suggesting herculean home overhauls that prompt debates about civil engineering vs architecture, building permits, avoiding code violations, and all that crazy jazz.  Nope. We're talking simple DIY ideas that require minimal effort that almost anybody can do to improve the look of their home.

Simple DIY Home Projects to Tackle this Spring

Renovation experts tend to agree that spring heralds the wielding of hammers, wearing of overalls, and getting gritty with the home improvement groove.  Here are a few simple and affordable DIY home improvement ideas for your spring sprucing spree.

Refresh Your Address: Spring is all about renewal, so why not give your street ID a fresh look too? Updating the numbers of your street address might seem underwhelming, but you might be surprised how this change can make a big difference. Think about securing metal numbers (think bronze or copper) to your home exterior for a classic look. While you're at it, consider replacing your mailbox with a snazzy new one. These tiny changes present a great new effect on your home's exterior (and the postal carrier will thank you too)!

Play in the Dirt: If you have a garden, then you know spring is the time to get dirty and tidy up at the same time. Aside from prepping the soil for new seedlings, you might think about erecting a simple fence or stone perimeter around the garden to give it a finished look. If you're not a big gardener, you can go small by building simple DIY garden planters.  At the very least, consider tucking some herbs or flowers into inexpensive terra cotta pots and placing these around your porch, steps, or deck outside. This is a simple way to inject the zing of spring around your home.

Coming Clean: Okay, so maybe this isn't an official DIY project, but it's certainly a home improvement. There's a reason 'spring cleaning' is a thing this time of year. This is a perfect opportunity to wash away all the grime and debris that clung to your domicile during the harsh winter months. Haul out the power washer and go to town on the nooks, crannies, and siding of your house. And don't forget to spray down the decks and porch too. If you don't have a power washer, you may be able to rent one from your local hardware store. This one task will make an eye-popping difference in the look of your home exterior.

See, we told you these were simple and cheap fixes, but they reap big results in the appearance of your home or garden.  We're sure once you tackle these springtime to-do list tasks, you will stand back and give yourself mad props for a job well done. 

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