It’s Time To Enjoy Celebrating Spring

It’s Time To Enjoy Celebrating Spring
(Photo : Pixabay) It’s Time To Enjoy Celebrating Spring

It's a whole new springtime, and as many of us know-we are ready! Beyond ready, in fact.

Here in Houston, we're already enjoying some great news and great weather. If you've been waiting with baited breath for COVID to subside, no doubt you took advantage of this balmy weather to get out and about.

It was sheer joy to see kids out having Easter Egg hunts. You just can't imagine a happier sight than watching little ones squeal and run in the fresh grass.

Whether you're a parent, neighbor, or passer-by, watching kids playing outside does wonders for your heart.

There's no question that spring is in the air and that's why it's a great time to look at lightening up and getting out in nature.

Lightening Up In The Kitchen

After a year of cooking at home and eating our way's time to lighten up. If you've been part of the cook-through-the-pandemic tribe, we all get it. All that baking and cooking was comforting, rewarding, and homey.

But, as spring is here, there's some room to swap out heavier choices and aim for lighter. Here are a few ways to lighten up your breakfast and lunch options.

Lighten Up Breakfast

Focus on Fruit

With all the fresh fruit coming into season, why not have some to start the day?

Think blueberries, strawberries, and bananas. A fruit selection is always a tempting and healthy way to lighten up.

Fast and Nutritious

On the run? Grab some organic granola for a fast and nutritious option. If you're really strapped for time, prep your granola into containers on the weekend, and then just grab-n-go for weekday ease.

Fresh is Best

Support local growers. Get some fresh fruits from local farmers. Spruce up your breakfast with savory oatmeal by adding spinach and feta cheese. Switch your focus from packages to food that is grown with love. You'll never look back because farm-grown food tastes so much better.

Lighten Up Lunch

Aim For Green

This is the time of year to emphasize fresh greens, sprouts, and spring leafy vegetables. Eating more greens is considered to be one of the best ways to lighten up your intake-and support healthy living.

Aim For In Season

Go shopping and buy seasonal specials. At this time of year, look out for super deals on asparagus and artichokes. These are two fantastic choices for high flavor and low calories.

Aim For Local

Support local farmers and small food producers. Check out the seasonal markets and farmer's markets in your neighborhood. You can really help local farmers by shopping regularly-and bring your friends and family along. A personal introduction to your favorite vendors is helpful for everyone involved.

Urban Harvest is one of Houston's great treasures. Their farmers market program has a powerful vision: "support fresh, real food-and those who grow and raise it." Starting with just 7 vendors, they have grown to support over 90 vendors and farmers. If you haven't visited this resource, do yourself a favor and get out next weekend.

Lighten Up Dinner

Think about different ways to approach dinner, and you'll naturally lighten up. Here are a couple favorites:

Eat Outside

With the days being longer, it's easier to find ways to eat outside. Whether you're having a picnic in the park, or a light dinner on the deck, eating in nature is relaxing. It invites you to choose a lighter fare.

Eat Earlier

As you've noticed, the days are longer and there are new options for socializing. That's why eating earlier is a great way to eat lighter. You won't be tempted to have a massive meal, when you have plans to go for a walk or run afterwards.

Eat Together

Many people have been missing eating with friends, eating with co-workers, and eating out. It looks like many of these things are about to change, and have already shifted.

If you're looking for ways to lighten up, share your goals with friends and families. Many people are seeking ways to lose weight put on during the last year. You are likely to find a lot of people who will support your goals-and you can support theirs.

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