If You Are Not Going to Drive, This Is What You Will Need to Know

If You Are Not Going to Drive, This Is What You Will Need to Know
(Photo : Pixabay) If You Are Not Going to Drive, This Is What You Will Need to Know

Not everyone can drive a car. That includes many people behind the wheel at this very moment. According to the CDC road traffic accidents are a leading cause of death for people aged 1 - 54. If that's not reason enough to keep you out of a car dealership, there is also the horrible experience of going to a car dealership. Let's also not overlook the expense of driving and maintaining a car. It is one of those things that doesn't get less expensive over time. The cost of ownership, alone, will cause many people to take a hard pass on the hard sell.

That said, not driving carries its own set of challenges. One of those challenges is how to carry things from one place to another. You don't exactly have a trunk or backseat on a bicycle. You are also going to have a miserable time in the rain. Cars provide protection from the elements than other forms of transportation lack. The decision to go without a car carries a few other implications you might not have considered. So before you put your car up for sale, consider the following:

A Little More Pain

Everyone who has ever done any organized sports has heard the mantra, "No pain, no gain!" This is not really a healthy way to go through life. But sometimes, it's true. If you choose to walk, run, bike, skate, or scoot, you are going to put a lot of extra wear and tear on your joints. This is the price of gaining freedom from car ownership.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't try to reduce or eliminate the pain. Many riders swear by pure CBD oil that is 100% free of THC: the active ingredient in cannabis. Let's face it: falling hurts. And the chances of you falling at some point, or getting pushed over or taking a spill due to uneven cracks in the road or sidewalk are pretty high. Even with protective gear, taking unscheduled tumbles does not feel good at all. Managing pain is just a routine part of traveling without a traditional vehicle.

Any runner will tell you that the best protection you can have against pain is a good pair of running shoes. That is what stands between you and the ground. You can only defy gravity for a few milliseconds. Gravity will always win. The right kind of shoe coupled with the right kind of orthotic can keep you moving for years without too many visits to the orthopedic doctor or pain specialist.

A Little More to learn

Moving without a traditional people mover means learning new skills that might not be as easy to master as you think. It used to be that you could just take an electric scooter onto relatively safe sidewalks and parking lots. Now, Houston is starting to crack down, demanding all-electric scooters be driven on the road and off of walkways.

That means you are going to have to go to public parks and get really good at operating something other than a car. It is nowhere near as easy as it looks. If you haven't ridden a bicycle in a while, don't take that for granted either. The number one cause of death for bicycles is the inattentive driver of a motor vehicle on the road. If you are not a good enough rider to navigate all the potholes and pitfalls, you need to spend a lot more time practicing and learning to operate your alternate vehicle of choice.

A Little Harder to Park

You are not going to like this one bit. But things that are not cars are often a lot harder to park. That is because wherever you go, there are huge spaces with clearly marked indicators of where you can park a car. Where can you park a scooter? You have to have a chain and lock for starters. Now, you have to find someplace safe to which you can secure it. That $3,000 electric bicycle makes a very tempting target if only for the easily removable parts like the seat and front wheel.

No solution is without compromise. Driving carries a lot of known issues. Just be sure you know about the issues associated with the alternatives like a little more pain, a bit more to learn, and the somewhat more challenging ordeal of parking.

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