Crime Does Pay, and Grand Theft Auto V Proves It

Rockstar's most prized creation is definitely the Grand Theft Auto series, while their work in Red Dead Redemption 2, was one of most fully developed, in-depth, detailed and realistic game of all times, it was their classic depiction of violence, theft, and generalized crime that paid for all that.

Grand Theft Auto wasn't born one of the biggest titles of all time, in fact the earlier 2D versions were of moderate success and sales numbers, especially when compared to what would come. Ever since the Playstation 2 title Grand Theft Auto III, the game has become a global phenomenon, of course that popularity would translate into notoriety for the games content, but even so Grand Theft Auto would establish itself as one of the biggest games ever, and Rockstar as one of the biggest developers in the world.

With best-selling sequels pouring cash into Rockstar's hand, in 2013 the developer released their biggest and most ambitious project ever Grand Theft Auto V, the game wa estimated to have cost between $130 million to $265 million dollars which would make it the most expensive ever at the time, and it still features the top 10 list - with their own Red Dead Redemption 2 at number one. - but, it paid off because it became the most successful media of all time, grossing roughly $6 billion dollars since its creation.

All that revenue would certainly be put to good use, as we've seen to develop new titles, but also to create, maintain and support the online aspect of the game, which is booming eight years after the release of the main title. In fact, 2020 was the year where the game sold the biggest amount of units ever since its release, and the main reason is for the superb service and expansion - if you can call it that - of Grand Theft Auto Online. The online mode provided such longevity to the game that it Grand Theft Auto V spanned three generations, while standing masterfully the test of time.

Online Bandits

The online component of Grand Theft Auto V, is an entirely different entity than the main title, it is an online multiplayer action-adventure game that enabled up to thirty players to freely roam around the fictitious state of San Andreas. Players experience events and stories that happen before and after the main game storyline, but here they start as a brand new silent-character as they rob and kill their way to become a notorious crime figure.

Obviously, any criminal organization that prides itself has more than one member, which is why Rockstar has enabled players to build their own "syndicate". Fans can not only create their own crew, but also join a maximum of five other crews to complete tasks that further the online narrative of the game.

Through gameplay players can earn currency to purchase in-game items, or businesses that help generate more in-game currency. Nonetheless, the game is designed in a manner that players need to acquire experience to unlock almost anything they can purchase, meaning money alone won't be enough to acquire everything, players will actually need to put in time and effort on top of money to get what they want.

Though Grand Theft Auto Online, become an extremely complex, vivid, and successful mode, Rockstar worked diligently to make the online environment a place where players would like to go back to. In the early days online gameplay was deemed poor, shorts and extremely repetitive, but it evolved so much through free expansions and game modes that those memories were entirely erased.

Crimes Like Virtues, Are Their Own Rewards

Running through Los Santos wouldn't be as fun a second time around if you were alone, playing re-hashed versions of the main games' missions. In fact, the ability to commit all those atrocious things to other online-players instead of the NPC's is probably most of the fun to be had, as gamers we clearly enjoy more besting other players than NPC's. And that's not all to be done, there are multiple modes, missions, content creator mode, a new storyline, and a unique progression system.

In Grand Theft Auto Online players can partake in multiple modes such as:

● Racing - Players have to race each other in a preset or custom track with cars, bikes, aircraft or boats.

● Deathmatch - A team or free-for-all, all-out shooting rampage across the lobby where the team, or person with most points win

● Contact Missions - Quests that further the narrative and are usually completed in cooperative settings

● Siege Mentality - Your crew is being attacked by another criminal faction and has to defend itself

● Hasta La Vista - A homage to Terminator 2: Judgement Day, where truckers try to run down cyclists

● Survival - Four players have to fend-off ten waves of enemies in a Left 4 Dead, or COD Zombie Mode style

● Heists - Are co-op multi-part missions that have requirements before a grand finale with a huge pay off.

That last mode cited above would become a seminal and integral part of all future updates and players engagements. As Rockstar added over two hundred updates, during those eight years, multiple events and heists were added for players to enjoy. There's no shortage of content for gamers to enjoy, weekly and unique events, and countless activities. With one of gamings' most active and loyal communities there is still time to join Grand Theft Auto Online.

Doing Time

Grand Theft Auto V, is the most profitable media of all time, the second-highest selling game of all time, and a masterpiece all around. A game so rich, and well-designed that it survived nearly a decade on its own engine and original design. Clearly, fans around the world are eager to receive a new, upgraded entry to the series, and after almost nine-years maybe it's time. While we await the next title, anyone interested in expanding their criminal empire, and purchasing in-game items, we offer in-game currency. We have the best prices in the market, along with the best protection for customers through Tradeshield, you can check our offers here.

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