The Surprising Benefits of Strong Sexual Health

The Surprising Benefits of Strong Sexual Health
(Photo : Pixabay) The Surprising Benefits of Strong Sexual Health

Having good sexual health, in other words, having sex regularly, is beneficial in many ways. While it's still a taboo subject to talk about for some, this article will explain some reasons why it's worth speaking about. Let's begin.

Sexual Health and Immunity

As it turns out, people with strong sexual health don't get sick as much. One example is the Wilkes University study, which found that student who were more sexually active had more antibodies.

Of course, this is as part of a healthy lifestyle, as well as having safe sex whenever possible.

It's Good for Women's Bladder Health

If you're a woman who has poor bladder health, you may benefit from more sex. When you have sex, it works out your pelvic floor muscles, which can help strengthen your bladder and reduce your risk of incontinence.

It Offers Similar Benefits to Exercise, Really

We don't tend to think of sex as a workout, but it does require a lot of moving. About five calories a minute, as a matter of fact.

While this isn't too much, it does help contribute. In fact, it may offer similar health benefits, including lowering your blood pressure.

Helps With Heart Health

When you have sex, it can improve your heart rate and balance hormones that can keep heart disease at bay. In fact, some studies have found that if a man has sex at least twice a week, they are less likely to die of heart disease than someone who rarely as it. So have some sex for your heart.

It Reduces Pain

While sex isn't going to defeat chronic pain, it can help with some mild cases. This is because having an orgasm or being stimulated can help to block pain. Besides standard pains, it may help with pain related to menstruation, arthritis, and other issues you may be facing.

It Can Reduce the Risk of Prostate Cancer

Ejaculating 21 times or more every month is linked with men less likely to have prostate cancer. One does not need to have a partner for this, but for many men, it certainly helps. If you're prone to prostate cancer, then here we go.

Improves Your Sleep

Sleep is something that is hard to reach for many people. We all live stressful lives, and it can keep you up at night.

The solution? Have more sex. That's right. Orgasms release prolactin, which can help you relax. Not to mention, the extra exercise may help you fall asleep faster, too.

Of course, this is part of having a healthy sleep ritual to begin with. You should still unwind before bed and make sure that you aren't doing anything that can stimulate your mind.

It Just Feels Good

Sex feeling good may not seem like a valid reason for health benefits, but the feel-good chemicals your body releases after sex may help you with stress, anxiety, and improve your mood as well.

Life can be a challenge, especially in these troubling times. If something can make you feel good, then that's a plus in our book.

Seek Help

Of course, in this new normal, many people are not able to have sex. Some people may also be suffering from sexual dysfunction due to the stresses of life.

With that said, there is hope. While it sounds embarrassing, there is zero shame in talking to a sex therapist who can help you.

Sex therapy will help you get to the bottom of any sexual health issues you are having, and you can speak to someone who can offer advice and how to get back on top.

If you don't know how to find a partner, therapy may also help you improve your confidence and teach you how to talk to people easier.

Speak to an online therapist today and get started. You have nothing to lose, but a whole lot to gain.

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