Making Long-Distance Loved Ones Feel Special On Their Birthday

It's not uncommon for people to grow up and move away from their families. It's also not unusual for people to fall in love with individuals from other parts of the world. Although circumstances like a career, a better quality of life, or even legal ramifications result in people moving away, the love they feel for those left behind never fades. The same is true for you, which is why you go out of your way to show them you care, particularly on special occasions like their birthday.

How do you make someone that's far away feel good on one of the most important days of their lives? As making the trip to see them isn't always practical, here are some ways to let them know they're loved on their birthday no matter where they live.

Send Them A Card

Cards have a way of saying the things you can't put together yourself. Whether you want to let your long-distance lover know you're thinking of them or give grandma a good laugh on her birthday, there's a card for you. Though sending physical cards through the postal service was a common practice, technology makes things easier. You can send birthday ecards via email to anyone in just a matter of minutes. They'll feel the love as they browse through work or personal emails and spot your message of celebration.

Create A Video

Though nothing compares to in-person meetings, videos are a close second. You can use your talents and personality to express your feelings to loved ones near and far. You and the kids can put together a musical number singing the birthday song for your parents. If you're trying to send your love to a significant other, why not do something romantic like recite a poem or sing a song you wrote just for them? Videos are the gift that keeps on giving as they can play them repeatedly and feel close.

Order Takeout

Going out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner are common ways to celebrate someone on their birthday. When you live miles apart, however, it complicates this practice. Fortunately, modern technology makes this gift idea easier to acquire. Many food delivery service applications allow users to order a meal and send it to someone else as a gift. If you know your loved one's favorite restaurant or cuisine, surprise them with a free meal.

Gift Box Subscriptions

Another popular option for spreading birthday cheer to long-distance loved ones is gift box subscriptions. These are packages filled with personalized gifts for the birthday girl or boy. Whether you have a best friend that loves wine or a father that enjoys cologne, there's a subscription box filled with items they'll love. The best part about subscription boxes is that they receive a new gift every month, making them feel special all year long.

Virtual Birthday Party

Live video streaming services make it possible for loved ones to communicate from virtually anywhere. Though you can't be there on their special day, that doesn't mean you can't host the party of a lifetime. Virtual birthday parties have become increasingly popular and are a lot of fun. Simply send out digital invitations with a link for a live video on your loved one's birthday. Decorate your home, come up with some fun games, and perhaps order takeout for your guests. On the day of the virtual event, have everyone log on and indulge in the festivities together.

When you live miles away from someone you care about deeply, the distance can be challenging to manage. Though you can't be with them during special occasions, that doesn't mean you can't share in the moments that matter most. Thanks in part to modern technology, there are plenty of ways to celebrate birthdays that are both creative and meaningful. Whether you send them a funny card, order from their favorite restaurant, or plan a virtual birthday celebration, your long-distance loved one will appreciate the effort.

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