Transforming Exercise: From Chore to Quality Family Time

It may seem like your schedule gets more and more jam-packed every day (it probably does!). The truth is, each day is an opportunity to choose what matters most to you. Sure, everyone has obligations, which can sometimes seem more important than working out. But everyone knows staying active is undeniably a foundational element of overall well-being. Not to mention, by not prioritizing your health in this way, you're modeling that behavior for little ones to subconsciously take note.

Here's the good news: no matter how busy you are, when you reframe how you view exercise, and take an active role in tailoring physical activity to your family's favorites and routines, while leaning into the most accessible and enjoyable forms of fitness, then you're taking an intentional role in not just living your best life, but also setting an example you can be proud of.

Take an Energetic Approach

From waking your kids up in the morning to winding everyone down for bedtime, there are countless opportunities to be full of endorphin-boosting, calorie burning, contagious and intentional energy. Turning up some irresistible tunes to dance it out, taking a walk while dinner's in the oven, making imaginative games of clean-up activities (the floor is lava!), and role-playing games during commercial breaks (who's turn is it to be the "coach?") are just a handful of creative ways to integrate a joyous and active energetic zest for life into your daily activities.

Screen Time to Break a Sweat

It's not ideal for anyone to stare at a cell phone all day long. But sometimes the ties to the digital world are simply too strong to deny. Especially when confined to your home, it can be tricky telling a teenager not to stay connected socially and stimulated mentally through various apps, even games. Then there's a whole wide world of health-focused apps to track and promote fitness and wellness. Perhaps one of the healthiest applications of apps is to incorporate a well-disguised workout into your family fun.

For tiny dancers, there's a host of popular dance games available for free. Sci-fi lovers can pretend zombies are chasing them for some serious cardio. Then there will surely be a large population of people of all ages who would savor a sweet yoga or stretch session, or an interactive body-weight based home-workout routine. Doing these together with your family can be especially entertaining (and rewarding).

Invest in Smart Solutions

There's no shortage of high-tech home workout equipment today. From smart bikes to swanky treadmills and beyond, there are tech-savvy solutions for all types of enthusiasts. These specialized items may be perfect for some, but when it comes to balancing home life and work life in a way that allows for family-centered physical activity and well-being, versatility is clutch.

One of the most talked about and impressive new pieces of engaging and awesome exercise equipment is the wall workout machine: Mirror. Basically a life-size smartphone with roughly 50 by 20 inches of HD display to easily mount in any room, the multi-functional piece of technology is a game changer. With thousands of activities and classes in over a dozen categories (including family fun), this home system has something for everyone -- even meditation.

It may seem like a hefty price tag at first glance, but when you stack up the cost versus the real-life alternative, it rapidly becomes justifiable. When you calculate and compare it to the price of a gym membership, Mirror is actually quite competitive (Mirror's financing options start at $42 monthly for 36 months), while removing the obstacle of getting to the gym. With regular promotions and discounts on both the hardware and the monthly subscription, a quick internet search is likely to turn up with cost-saving strategies. Not to mention, Mirror is highly customizable, offering personal trainers and seemingly endless options, it's able to account for past injuries with alternative recommendations, and adjustable workout lengths for tight schedules.

Adapting Day by Day

Getting exercise with the family doesn't have to be an extra complication in an already complex time. However, it's clearly a non-negotiable habit to prioritize. Some ways to stay accountable with a shared plan to exercise are: planning workouts ahead of time, being flexible when schedules demand some adjustment, setting goals together and tracking your progress, even sharing on social media. By making it a tangible and trackable part of your to-do's, you'll swiftly allow it to become the new norm, naturally. Which is fitting, because these days, it seems like every facet of life is gradually finding its new normal.

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