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Christian McCaffrey
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Christian McCaffrey, considered one of the best players in the world, has been making waves in the football world since his debut. While it’s not been so many years, his NFL career has been astonishing, breaking numerous awards, with several accolades to his name. He was even named as “the future of football,” by The Ringer. Here are some really interesting facts about the football player that you might have missed before:

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  1.  With his four-year extension contract of $64 million with the Panthers on April 16, 2020, McCaffrey became the highest-paid running back in the history of NFL.
  2.  During the 2019 season, he accounted for 43% of his team’s offensive yards in the season, finishing third in the Offensive Player of the Year voting. This was also the largest percentage of any individual player in the history of NFL.
  3.  He is the first player in NFL history to have recorded over 1000 rushing yards and 500 receiving yards in the first 10 games of a season.
  4.  He is the second running back in the history of NFL to have 2000+ receiving yards in his first 42 games. He shares the record with Herschel Walker.
  5.  He also hold the franchise record for receiving yards by a running back in a single game with 121 receiving yards on 11 catches.
  6.  Christian Jackson McCaffrey was born on June 7, 1996, to Ed McCaffrey and Lisa McCaffrey, in Castle Rock, Colorado. He has three brothers – Max McCaffrey, Dylan McCaffrey, and Luke McCaffrey.
  7.  His father is Ed Thomas McCaffrey, Jr., is a former wide receiver, who played in the NFL for thirteen seasons for the San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos.
  8.  His father is currently the head coach of the Northern Colorado Bears football team. His uncle Billy McCaffrey, younger brother of Ed, a retired basketball player, is a former head coach at St. Bonaventure University.
  9.  His mother Lisa Sime, had previously played soccer at Stanford University. His maternal grandfather Dave Sime, won a silver medal in the 100-meter dash at the 1960 Olympic Games.
  10.  Christian’s elder brother Max McCaffrey is a former wide receiver who played in the NFL for three seasons from 2016 to 2018. He is currently the wide receivers coach for the Bears at the University of Northern Colorado.
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  12.  His younger brother Dylan McCaffrey is a former quarterback at the University of Michigan, while his youngest brother Luke McCaffrey is currently a quarterback at the University of Nebraska.
  13.  During his time at Valor Christian High School, he was also a standout sprinter on the track & field team. He even placed second in the 100-meter dash at the Mountain Vista Boulder Invitational with a career-best time of 10.75 seconds.
  14.  In the year 2015, in his breakout sophomore season, McCaffrey broke Barry Sanders's NCAA record of 3250 all-purpose yards, finishing with 3864.
  15.  During his sophomore season, he was ranked second in the nation with him 2019 rushing yards. He also became the first Stanford player to rush for 2000 in a single season.
  16.  He signed a four-year contract of $17.2 million with a signing bonus of $10.7 million with the Carolina Panthers on May 4, 2017.
  17.  McCaffrey is the only running back in history to have two seasons with 100 or more receptions. He is also the first player to have recorded over 50 rushing and 50 receiving yards in five consecutive games in NFL history.
  18.  He holds the records for most receptions by a running back - in a single game with 15 receptions, - in a single season with 116 receptions, - and in first three seasons with 303 receptions.
  19.  During the 2020 season, in the week 9 game against Kansas City Chiefs, he suffered a shoulder injury, following which, he was ruled out of the remainder of the season.
  20.  McCaffrey became the first player to rush for over 100 yards and also have over 100 yards receiving in a Rose Bowl game, during the 2016 Rose Bowl against Iowa.
  21.  He also set a new Rose Bowl record with 368 all-purpose yards, breaking the previous record set by Wisconsin's Jared Abbrederis in the year 2012.
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  23.  McCaffrey is the first rookie running back in the history of NFL to have 70 receptions and five receiving touchdowns, with his Week 15 game against Green Bay Packers in the 2017 season.
  24.  In the same season, in the Week 16 game against Tampa Bay Buccaneers, his catch total reached 75, breaking the Panthers rookie record of 74 set by Kelvin Benjamin.
  25.  He holds the record for the longest rush by a running back in the history of Panthers’ franchise, with his 84 yards.
  26.  With his 53rd reception in the week 11 game against Atlanta Falcons in the 2019 season, he broke LaDainian Tomlinson’s record for the most catches by a running back in the first three seasons.
  27.  McCaffrey holds the Panthers’ single season records by a running back for – most receiving yards with 1005 yards, - most receiving touchdowns with 6 TDs, - and most receiving first downs with 41.
  28.  He is the second player in the history of NFL, with at least 20 rushing TDs and at least 15 receiving TDs, through their first three seasons.
  29.  Since the summer of 2019, Christian has been in a relationship with Olivia Culpo – a fashion influencer, who was crowned as the Miss Universe in the year 2012.
  30.  During the 2020 season, he sprained his ankle while rushing for his second touchdown in the early fourth quarter, following which he had to miss the rest of the game.
  31.  McCaffrey is the first player in the history of Panthers to have reached 2000 yards from scrimmage in a single season.
  32.  With his 2392 yards, he holds the single season record for most scrimmage yards by any player. This is also the third most scrimmage yards in a single season in the history of NFL.
  33.  Christian McCaffrey Net Worth: $10 Million

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