Returning to the 9-to-5 Lifestyle

The company you work for is now calling you back to the office. After a year of working remotely, from the comfort of your home, life will return to pre-pandemic status. The transition may be difficult for some who enjoyed the change. Listed below are a few tips for getting back to work.

 Setting the Alarm

There were a few benefits to remote working. A big one is the lack of a lengthy commute. During the past 12 months, you gained an hour of sleep nightly. You woke up, made coffee and turned on your computer. You didn't worry about traffic and getting to the office on time. Start now by setting the alarm earlier and practice getting up and dressed.

Clean Cut and Neat Appearance

You're not alone if your personal hygiene was subpar while working from home. Putting off a shave and office attire until a weekly Zoom meeting was pretty standard. And, why not? You had no one to impress.

However, now you have to get back on track and make personal hygiene a priority. Thankfully, if you live in East Texas all businesses are open. So, if you need to go to the barber, Houston stylists have their doors open for you. Florida is operating as usual as well too. If you aren't sure about your state or city, call your favorite stylist and find out what their protocols are.

Getting Into Shape

Inactivity and a kitchen within 20 feet make it easy to pack on a few extra pounds. If you haven't tried on your dress or suits for a while, you may find that they are snug in all the wrong places. Don't fret. Getting into shape is possible.

You can get back to the gym or fitness center and start transforming your body back to pre-pandemic shape. If you prefer not to go to the gym, there are other ways to lose weight. Take a brisk walk or jog in the morning and after work. Workout from home using one of the many exercise DVDs or apps that work with your equipment.

The Office Environment

If you're one who enjoys not having to listen to office gossip, a return to work may spark anxiety. At home, you had nothing but the sounds of music in the background and nature outdoors. Take it in stride. Many people are not ready to stand together for conversation just yet. Keep your focus on work and ignore the surrounding ongoings.

Dress Attire

Another advantage of working from home is the ability to work in casual attire. Other than the occasional face-to-face meetings you had the choice of wearing basically anything you want. You could wear sweats or PJs if you desired. They are comfortable.

Now, however, dusting off the dresses or suits is a must if you want to present yourself as a professional. To get back in the swing of things, start dressing for the office a week ahead of your return.  

Mid-Day Siesta

Back at the office ends the midday siesta. While at home, you could break, close your eyes and refocus. While you can't close your eyes at the office desk, you can take a break. Get up and move around. If possible, take a walk outdoors and breathe in the fresh air. If that's not possible, take a brisk walk around the office.

Remain Energized

Sitting at a desk for eight hours can cause you to lose energy. Eating light and nutritious foods throughout the day will help you stay sharp and focused. Instead of grabbing a danish or heavy sandwich, opt for fruit, yogurt, and a salad. Eating this way will restore energy and help you maintain a healthy weight.

After a year of working from home, returning to the office setting doesn't have to be challenging. By preparing early and making a few changes, you can return to the office and excel. 

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