A Review of Amazon AWS Certbolt Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Certification: Details You Need To Know


Recently, cloud computing has become a very important tool to companies since it helps organizations cut down on the cost of managing their data. Rather than purchase physical infrastructure, the companies prefer to pay cloud computing service providers, for example, Amazon Web Services (AWS). In addition, AWS certifies IT professionals to make them competent in administering and maintaining these services. And in this article, you will learn more about the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional certification and what it entails.     

What Is AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional?

The Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional certification confirms your advanced expertise in the creation, deployment, and maintenance of AWS Certification services for the cloud. Attaining this certificate will ensure you are able to deploy and maintain reliable AWS cloud services. You will also be skilled enough to create secure and scalable applications for organizations. Every company has different computing and data needs. Therefore, professionals with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional certification have the capability to create applications that are tailored to a specific customer. They also consider the cost factor of the service that a company requests. The migration of complex and multi-tiered applications is another competence that they will gain with it.

Who Can Pursue It?

In the past, an individual was required to obtain the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certification before going for this one. Although this has changed, there are a few conditions that are recommended that you meet before taking the professional-level certificate. First, you will need to have two or more years of experience working with AWS cloud architecture. You should also have the competence to make recommendations based on the architectural assessment of a company's needs. Another requirement is familiarity with AWS technologies and apps. You also have to be able to work with different operating systems such as Windows and Linux, provide smooth and continuous integration, and perform efficient deployment of AWS applications. Fulfilling all these conditions will help you draw the certificate with no emotions.

How Can You Earn the Certification?

Earning the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional certificate requires passing a 3-hour evaluation coded SAP-C01. It contains 75 MCQs as well as questions needing multiple responses. The test can be done online or you can go and take it in person at a testing center. Regardless of the delivery format, you should pay a fee of $300. Pearson VUE and PSI are licensed to provide the exam and offer it in four languages, which are English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. To pass, at least 750/1000 points are needed. From the date of certification, you will have three years before you are required to recertify.    


Acquiring the Amazon AWS Certbolt Certified Solutions Architect - Professional certification is the best way to showcase the high-level skills that you possess. Due to the increase in demand for cloud-based products, the need for certified experts is rising too. Attain this accreditation so that you can stay on top of your competition and appeal to more employers!

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