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Fala Chen, with her mesmerizing smile that results in cute dimples, has been taking the Hong Kong film industry for a ride and is now all set to make her mark in the Hollywood, with her role as Jiang Li in the upcoming MCU movie “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.” The award winning actress has always been known for taking up challenging roles and performing it to perfection. For her roles, she has going to extent of learning sign languages, to pole dancing to even fly an airplane. Here are some really interesting facts about this actress, you may not be aware of:

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  1.  She is Hong Kong Cancer Fund’s Pink Ambassador for the Pink Revolution Campaign, held every October to create breast cancer awareness, and raise funds in support for patients and their families.
  2.  Chen is set to make her US feature debut in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero film “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” scheduled for release on September 3, 2021.
  3.  She made her theatre stage debut in the year 2016, with her role as Kyra in the premiere of “Skylight,” the Chinese adaptation of the 1995 British play written by David Hare.
  4.  Initially the play was scheduled to run for 24 shows at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, but had 11 additional shows added due to overwhelming responses, with Chen receiving raving positive reviews for her performance.
  5.  Her album “beautiful Life,” within just a week of its released, reached up to the first place on HMV's “Asian Album Top Sales Chart.”
  6.  Fala Chen was born on February 24, 1982 to Chen Fengsheng in Sichuan, China. She was raised in China, until the age of fourteen, when her family immigrated to Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
  7.  Her father is a musician, while her mother is a professional dancer, and founder of a dance academy. Her grandfather was also a renowned vocalist, while grandmother was the former member of the China Democratic League.
  8.  She attended Shengli West Road Primary School, before transferring to Yandao Street Middle School. She graduated within the top 10 of her cohort from high school.
  9.  She enrolled for a Marketing and International Business course in Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, in May 2005.
  10.  She participated in various pageants, in an effort to make some money to pay for her tuition fees, during her college term breaks.
  11.  She represented New York in the Miss Chinese International Pageant 2005, hosted in Hong Kong, and won the 1st runner-up, kicking off her career in entertainment.
  12.  In the year 2014, she enrolled for a 4-year Master of Fine Arts in Drama (MFA) Program at the Juilliard School in New York City, and graduated in 2018.
  13.  It is said that the MFA program accepts only 8 to 10 students every year, and encompasses areas such as production, directing, playwriting, pedagogy, and current trends in American and World Theater.
  14.  With her graduation in 2018, Chen became the first Chinese American actor to have received the MFA degree from the Juilliard School’s drama division.
  15.  Her professional acting career started when she signed an 8-year contract with Television Broadcasts Limited – TVB, as a host on numerous variety shows on their Mandarin Channel.
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  17.  Following this, she made her acting debut in the TVB series “Forensic Heroes,” playing the role of a murderess – Yung Wai, introduced in episode 10.
  18.  In the year 2007, she won her very first acting award in the Best Supporting Actress category for her role as Ching Ka-Man, younger sister of the lead character Ching Ka-Tsun in the series “Steps.”
  19.  Her performance as Ching Ka-Man in “Steps,” also earned her nominations for awards in "My Favorite Female Character" and "Most Improved Actress" categories.
  20.  Apart from her role in steps, she was also nominated for “Most Improved Actress” award for her roles as Tong Chi Yan and Angela in “Heart of Greed” and “The Family Link,” respectively.
  21.  Her breakthrough role was the character of Gam Wing Hing, a mute girl, in the series “Moonlight Resonance,” which was an indirect sequel to “Heart of Greed.”
  22.  She learned sign language in preparation for the role, which earned her nominations for the "Best Supporting Actress" and "My Favorite Female Character" for the second year in a row.
  23.  However, it was with her role as Lau Ching in the 2010 TV series “No Regrets,” that secured her position as one of the Hong Kong’s celebrated actresses, while also earning her a Best Supporting Actress Award at the TVB Anniversary Awards.
  24.  She also won the "The Best Actress in a Supporting Role Award" at the 16th Asian Television Awards in Singapore, garnering international recognition.
  25.  Apart from acting, Chen is an accomplished singer, and has sang the theme songs for “The Stew of Life,” “Links to Temptation,” and “Queens of Diamonds and Hearts.”
  26.  She launched her first album titled – “Beautiful Life,” in the year 2012, under her contract with Stars Shine International. She became a self-managed artiste in the year 2013.
  27.  She won the Best Newcomer Award in various music platforms including 2012 TVB8 Golden Music Awards for the Bronze Award, 2012 Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards Presentation, and "2013 IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Awards."
  28.  In the year 2009, Chen was cast as Karen, Zatoi's younger sister, her first leading female character in the movie “Turning Point.” She was nominated for the Best New Performer category at the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards.
  29.  She married Hong Kong business man turned actor Daniel Sit in the year 2008. She tried exposing him to the Christian faith and even had him attend a church sermon, in 2011. The relationship ended in divorce in 2013.
  30.  She married Franch Entrepreneur Emmanuel Straschnov, founder of an IT company named Bubble, in the year 2019. The couple welcomed their daughter Minnie in 2021.
  31.  She has been the spokesperson for the American skin care brand – Olay, in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
  32.  Fala Chen Net Worth: $1 Million

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