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Blackpink, one of the most famous girl groups in the world, has been taking the entire world for a ride, making history on the US Billboard and UK Album charts. They are the first-ever K-pop girl group to have appeared on the cover of Billboard, and it seems like almost everything that they do has an ever-lasting effect. In December 2020, the group called for action on climate change and promoted the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), and even received a personal appreciation letter by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson. Blackpink were recognized as one of the ten "2020 Visionary" figures, selected by CJ E&M. Here are some really interesting facts about the girl group that will make you love them more:

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  1.  Blackpink became the first-ever million-selling K-pop girl group with their first Korean studio album “The Album,” selling approximately 1.2 million copies in less than one month after release.
  2.  Blackpink released their debut single album “Square One,” on August 8, 2016, which consisted of the most popular tracks - "Boombayah" and "Whistle," both of which peaked at #1 and #2 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.
  3.  With this, Blackpink became the fastest act to achieve such a feat, as well as the third Korean artist to hold the top two positions of the chart, simultaneously, only after their label mates Psy and Big Bang.
  4.  Their “Playing with Fire” from their second single album “Square Two,” is the first K-pop girl group song to have charted on the Canadian Hot 100.
  5.  Their “In Your Area World Tour,” which started in 2018, continued throughout 2019 and early 2020, became the highest-grossing tour by a Korean girl group by the end of its run.
  6.  Blackpink was formed when YG Entertainment recruited preteen and teenage girls for a new girl group, following the success of their first girl group 2NE1 in 2009.
  7.  The members joined the label as trainees and preparations for the debut of the new group Blackpink began in the early 2011.
  8.  The girls have often claimed in interviews that joining as trainers was more or less similar to enrolling to a full-time pop-star academy, which is comparatively “more strict than school.”
  9.  Initially, YG Entertainment planned to have the debut of the band in the first half of 2012. For the next four years, there have been many news related to group’s debut being delayed, though the label never gave any official information.
  10.  On May 18, 2016, the YG Entertainment announced that the new girl group would debut in July 2016, and that the members of the band have been selected through years of stiff competition.
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  12.  Jennie, who was revealed to be the first member of the group, actually joined YG Entertainment in 2010, and was first introduced to the public in 2012.
  13.  Following Jennie, Lisa was revealed as the second member, who was the spokesperson of the street-wear brand Nona9on and cosmetics brand Moonshot.
  14.  Jisoo was the third member to be revealed, while Rose was the final member to be revealed on June 22, 2016. YG Entertainment confirmed that the new girl group will have only four members instead of the originally intended nine members.
  15.  The official name of the girl group was revealed to be Blackpink, to symbolize that “pretty isn’t everything,” as the members of the team, “encompasses not only beauty but also great talent.”
  16.  Other names that were considered for the new girl group included Pink Punk, Baby Monster and Magnum, though it was Blackpink that got the majority of votes.
  17.  Their first music show performance aired on August 14, 2016 on SBS's “Inkigayo.” Just thirteen days after their debut, the set the record for the shortest time for a girl group to win on a music program after debut, having won the first place on “Inkigayo.”
  18.  Just in the first five months of their debut, the girl group’s commercial success earned them several rookie awards such as Asia Artist Awards, Melon Music Awards, Golden Disc Awards, Seoul Music Awards, and Gaon Chart Music Awards.
  19.  In fact, the girl group was named as one of the best new K-pop groups of the year 2016, by Billboard, in their annual list.
  20.  The music video of their standalone digital single “As If It’s Your Last,” broke the record for the most-liked music video by a Korean girl group on YouTube as well as the most-viewed K-pop group music video in the first 24 hours of release, in June 2017.
  21.  The lead single “Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du,” from their first Korean language EP – “Square Up,” peaked at #17 and #55 on the UK’s Official Trending Chart and Billboard Hot 100. With this, the girl group became the highest-charting Korean girl group on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
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  23.  The EP “Square Up” marked the first entry as well as the highest-charting album by an all-female K-pop group at the time of its release on the Billboard 200, having debuted at #40.
  24.  The girl group embarked on their sold-out first Japan tour, Blackpink Arena Tour 2018, in Osaka from July 24 to 25, 2018, initially set for six shows, but ended as eight shows due to overwhelming demand.
  25.  The group's first documentary film, Blackpink: Light Up the Sky, premiered on Netflix on October 14, 2020. The documentary covered the four years since the group's debut in 2016, while also included footages from their training days, home lives.
  26.  Their single “How You Like That” won the Song of Summer at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, making Blackpink the first Korean female act to win at the award show.
  27.  Since their debut, the girl group has appeared in several power listings, and is also the first girl group to be included in the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia list.
  28.  On June 15, 2021, YG Entertainment has announced the commencement of a new project, title "4+1", in celebration of the fifth anniversary of the debut of Blackpink.
  29.  In November 2018, Blackpink became the first-ever regional brand ambassadors for Singaporean e-commerce platform, Shopee, as part of its partnership with YG Group in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.
  30.  The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) credited the girl group as one of the two acts leading the Korean music industry’s growth.
  31.  In October 2020, the girl group topped Bloomberg's Pop Star Power Ranking, becoming the first Korean artist to top the ranking since its inception of the Ranking list in April of that year.
  32.  Their debut studio album “The Album” peaked at #2 on both the Billboard 200 and the UK Album Chart, making the girl group, the highest-charting Korean female act on both of the charts.
  33.  Blackpink Net Worth: $24 Million

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