Can Live Casinos’ experience beat Land-based Casinos’?

The online gambling industry continues to see a rise in popularity according to research done by and other online casino websites in Canada and the rest of the world. With the advancement of technology, which played an important role in reaching this height, we can only expect even more innovation to work in favour of the gambling sector once more. One of the most impressive and popular developments in the industry is the live casino.

Lice casino is a known as a number of streams from either physical casinos or special studios where dealers and croupiers can be found. Gamblers can choose any casino table game, and that game will be connected to a live video stream with audio from the dealer's location. Bets will be placed in the same way they would in the physical casino, except you'll be looking at a high-definition video and enhanced audio to create an immersive, realistic casino experience for the players. The bets in the game are always settled fast and easy.

Over the years, live casinos have lived to be tagged as the next best thing in the online gambling world. In this article, we will be looking at some of the advantages online live casinos have over land-based casinos.

The Comfort

Unlike the land-based casinos that you'll have to think about how matching your outfit is, or how you'll travel down to the physical casinos, online live casinos have none of these troubles as you have no need to dress up or making sure you have your ID with you. Live casinos can be played wherever you're located. You'll get the same thrills that are offered from the gaming table at the physical casinos without having to step an inch out of your house.

Avoiding The Drunks

The land-based are always fun with all the gathering and the disco lights. But every night, you'll always spot people that tend to enjoy the fun a little bit too much. They are always found to be loud and rude at the gaming tables. In Live casinos, however, if anybody annoys you, you will just have to meet.

The Speed

For the physical casinos, you'll have to wait for everyone to place their bets before all bets could be settled. On the table, there are certain to be several disputes and interactions between the dealers, which also include a newbie that needs the rules to be introduced.

For live casinos, however, all these won't be happening as bets will be placed before a certain cut-off point, and all wagers are always settled instantly.

The Choice of Games

Choosing to play at an online casino will give wide access to thousands of games. While the biggest physical casinos across the world will still be restrained, hugely, by the size of the gaming space, giving them limited space to host their not-so-many casino games. Online casinos, on the other hand, don't have to worry about that issue as they can offer all your standard casino games which will include different variants of the games. There are different kinds of blackjack, roulette, and poker games available in many reputable casinos, with many bonuses, side bets and themes for you to pick from.


"Gamble responsibly" is one of the popular terms you'll hear when you're involved in the gambling world. As much as casinos want to take your money, they don't want to see you get too addicted to playing their games to the extent that you go bankrupt or drown in debt. If anything, casinos want you to spend your money but they also want you to do your respective work so you can come back to spend more. It is easy to get carried away with the glitz and glamour life casinos offer.

Playing at online casinos will let you enjoy the games at low stakes along with its many bonuses, rather than having to bet at a pre-determined minimum set at the land-based casinos, which is more expensive. For live casinos, it is still important to maintain a budget even if you're running on low stakes with the games being offered. Always set a budget, whether daily, weekly or monthly, and remember to stick to it.

As technology continues to evolve, we can only expect live casinos to get more realistic as we've seen several online casinos trying to integrate virtual reality tables and multiple cameras to give a more realistic experience to gamblers across the world.

With the continuous changes online casinos undergo, it is becoming more difficult to argue that gamblers can gain more experience at land-based casinos than playing at an online casino.

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