How to Pair Texas Olive Oil with Other Local Products

The word "pairing" conjures up fine wine and cheese boards for many foodies; olive oil is no different. Texas has a thriving farming community that is daring and pushing boundaries within the local gastronomical industry. Here is everything you need to know about pairing your favorite local products with the perfect Texas olive oil.

Artisanal Bread

Local bakery life has exploded into fashion; handmade loaves are delicious comfort foods to indulge in. Specialty bread suited to dietary restrictions such as low carb or gluten-free is slowly overtaking store-bought sliced sandwich loaves. Artisanal bread flavored with local herbs and seasonings is perfect for dipping into olive oil and balsamic vinegar bowls.

The Italian custom of dipping freshly baked bread has been carried over to the rolling hills of Texas. Here is how you can pair perfectly bottled goodness with different artisan bakes:

● When choosing the right bottle for dipping bread, go for darker and unfiltered extra-virgin oils. Selecting full-bodied flavor profiles is an excellent idea to highlight your bread's natural flavors and the sweetness of the wheat.

● Unfiltered is best - Dipping the crusts of freshly baked bread is an experience; you will taste the authentic flavors, unadulterated by heat and the cooking process. Select an excellent fresh unfiltered variety for vibrant and bold flavors.  

● Pairing with balsamic vinegar - Another consideration when choosing is whether you will be pairing your meal with balsamic vinegar. Lighter and more delicate flavors go great with a variety of balsamic and flavored blends. Try pairing a dark, unfiltered kind with traditional balsamic vinegar.

Local Mushroom Delights with Texas Olive Oil

October is around the corner, which means it is time for the local Madisonville mushroom festival. Foraging for local mushrooms is an ideal time to brush up on your favorite recipes, from delicious Chanterelle mushroom and chicken pies to spicy mushroom risotto; you cannot go wrong during mushroom season.

Pairings with mushrooms:

● Sauteing - When sauteeing your pickings, it is vital to consider the natural flavor of the mushroom - use a delicate and light variety for this. This ensures that the natural flavors shine.

● Dressing dishes - When dressing a more robust dish like wild mushroom risotto, go for an unfiltered variety that captures the earthy tones of the olive oil and complements the hearty fall flavors of mushrooms. A lemon-infused oil to dress your risotto is also an excellent finish to add a delicate citrus zing to the earthy tones of the meal.

● Marinades - After all, mushrooms are the star of the show. You can use an infused blend for quick marinades. (Tip: use freshly chopped garlic in your marinade and allow the mushrooms to sit in the marinade overnight for maximum flavor absorption before sauteing or grilling on the BBQ.) Lemon and citrus are excellent flavors that pair well with earthy tones adding a little zing to your meal.

Perfect Preserves

Fresh produce from your local farmers' market is the perfect opportunity to make a few antipasto classics. Make a preserve jar if you have picked up a few extra vegetables and are worried about using them up in time. Preserving vegetables and fresh farm goodies is an age-long tradition; these flavorful jars make beautiful gifts and additions to any charcuterie board. Choosing the right olive oil can help you harness the natural flavors of each vegetable.

Perfectly preserved vegetables:

● Preserved roasted peppers can be piled and layered into glass jars with bay leaves, herbs, and crushed garlic cloves, topped with a good quality extra virgin olive oil. You can use any kind of extra-virgin as the peppers will retain their flavor and absorb some of the buttery taste.

● Garlic - Cloves of garlic can be peeled and stored in extra virgin oil. Make your garlic confit with a robust and hearty flavor profile; the infusion will marry the flavors nicely.  

● Feta and sun-dried tomato jars - Choose a rich Greek-style variety for feta and sundried tomato preserve. The peppery and fruity flavor will complement the sweetness of the tomato and the salty goodness of the cheese.

It is important to remember that you should only use the purest ingredients to preserve jars of vegetables; make sure you clean your produce and remove any imperfections. Olive blended with other seed and vegetable oils can impact the finished product's taste and shelf life, which is why it is essential to buy a good quality Texas olive oil instead of a cheaper variety that might go rancid. 

Breathtaking Breakfasts

Breakfast is primarily considered one of the most important meals of the day, and the south is home to some of the most flavor-packed breakfasts. Some of the most popular local classics include tacos for breakfast, Tex-Mex, and Texas toast. Pairing these classics is a lot easier than you would think. Using olive instead of traditional refined fats adds buttery goodness with a little heart-friendly kick with many health benefits.

● Tex-Mex - This fusion classic is spicy and delicious; try using infused types such as a jalapeno infusion from the Texas Hill Country Olive Co. Frying your eggs in an infused oil can give them the kick they need.

● Chorizo tacos - It is essential to cook your Mexican Chorizo with a drizzle of a light extra virgin to prevent it from sticking to your pan. Choosing a more lightweight option is essential; you don't want to alter the natural flavors of the sausage.

● Texas toast - These classic thick slices of toast, smothered in buttery garlic goodness, are a must-have at any Texan table. Ditch the butter and choose a robust and fruity flavored olive oil with freshly chopped garlic for a gourmet kick. If you are serving an upmarket twist on a down-to-earth classic, offer your breakfast guests a balsamic dip infused with herbs and crushed or sliced garlic cloves. 

Pairing Texas Olive Oil Basics

Pairing your meals with the perfect Texas olive oil is sometimes as simple as considering what flavors you would like to highlight. You can enhance the natural, earthy flavors of a meal by choosing the right ingredients; select a bottle that has a robust and full-bodied extra virgin flavor profile. Unfiltered selections of olive oil are perfect for dressing pasta, soups, and being mopped up with the crusts of handmade bread. Picking the right kind for you should be about freshness, quality, and the experience of flavor in every mouthful.

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