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Michiel Huisman
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Michiel Huisman, one of the heartthrobs in the film industry, has been winning hearts of millions of people with his roles as Liam McGuinness in ‘Nashville‘, Daario Naharis in ‘Game of Thrones‘, and Cal Morrison in ‘Orphan Black‘. However, it’s not just the TV and film industry, but also the music industry as he is also an accomplished singer and guitarist. Still, there are many things about the actor that many fans may not be aware of, as he is known to keep his personal life, extremely private. Here is a list of interesting facts about the Dutch actor, singer-songwriter, and musician that will make you love him more:

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  1.  Husiman had a small supporting role as Rob in the 2006 film “Zwartboek” or “Black Book” by Paul Verhoeven, which became the most successful Dutch film of all time.
  2.  While filming the sex scenes with him in the 2020 “The Flight Attendant,” his co-star Kaley Cuoco was very much uncomfortable, and could not even relax. He suspected that it was her first instance to film a passionate love scene and tried to get her to relax.
  3.  Around the third take, she started to shake a little bit, as she had no idea to do anything. She was actually trying to not touch him. He asked her to relax and just sit down on his legs.
  4.  He appeared as Jonathan in the Academy Award-nominated biographical drama film “Wild,” in the year 2014.
  5.  He was featured on seasons 2 and 3 of “Orphan Black,” portraying Cal Morrison, a rugged outdoorsman who crosses paths with the clones.
  6.  Michiel Huisman was born on July 18, 1981, in Amstelveen, Netherlands, to Dick J. Huisman and Miryam R. Bles, in a Jewish family.
  7.  He has a brother Dustin Huisman, who is a former professional football player. Dustin is married to Debora Leeser.
  8.  Since childhood, he was very fond of table tennis and had played the game for years. Even today, he is known to spend his free time playing table tennis.
  9.  His maternal grandfather, Jacques Simon "Jack" Bles, a Dutch Jew with roots in the Netherlands going back to the 1600s, married Michiel's maternal grandmother, Ernestine Bartfeld, a German Jew, in Haifa, Israel after World War II.
  10.  He is a ninth cousin of American actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar, through their shared Dutch Jewish eight times great-grandparents, Samuel Speyer, who was born in Speyer, Germany; and Abigael Levie, who was born in Amsterdam.
  11.  He is also a fourth cousin, twice removed, of French actor Jean-Pierre Aumont, and a sixth cousin, twice removed, of Dutch actor Jeroen Krabbé, both through shared Dutch Jewish ancestors from Amsterdam.
  12.  Before making it big in the film industry, he had a really good music career, being an accomplished singer and guitarist.
  13.  He was the founder of the Dutch band Fontane, which he formed with Roland van der Hoofd, Gilles Tuinder, Bas van Geldere, and Donny Griffioen.
  14.  Their singles include "1+1=2”, "Slapeloos", and "Neem Me Mee" along with a version of Willeke Alberti’s song “Telkens weer,” which was featured on the soundtrack of the movie “Love to Love.”
  15.  In fact, the single “1+1=2” was featured on the soundtrack of the movie “Costa!” and the second single “Slapeloos” was on the soundtrack of the 2002 movie “Full Moon Party.”
  16.  When the Fontane band split up, Huisman released the singles "Deel Van Mij" and "Geef Je Over", and the 2005 album “Luchtige Verhalen” as a solo artist.
  17.  His first acting role was with a supporting role on “Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden,” – the longest-running soap opera on Dutch television. Following this, he was cast in the made-for-TV films “Suzy Q” and “Uitgesloten.”
  18.  Huisman entered the leading-man territory with the 2003 film “Phileine Says Sorry,” which was an adaptation of Ronald Giphart's book of the same title.
  19.  His first foray into the international acting world was with a supporting role in an episode of the British TV series “Dalziel and Pascoe,” in the year 2006.
  20.  He joined the main cast of the HBO series “Treme,” as Sonny, a Dutch busker who plays keyboards and guitar. He was taught New Orleans piano by Davis Rogan.
  21.  Around the same time, he also played a small supporting role as Ellis in the apocalyptic action film “World War Z.”
  22.  He replaced English actor Ed Skrein in the role of Daario Naharis for the fourth season of “Game of Thrones,” and was promoted to series regular for the fifth season.
  23.  Huisman played Walter Davidson in the Discovery Channel limited series “Harley and the Davidsons” which told the origin story of Harley-Davidson Inc.
  24.  In the 2017 thriller film “2:22,” he was cast as Dylan Branson, replacing Benjamin Walker, just before filming of the movie was commenced.
  25.  Huisman first met Dutch actress Tara Johanna Elders on the set of “Phileine Says Sorry” in 2003. The duo started dating and was in a relationship for a couple of years.
  26.  After nearly five years of relationship, he married Elders in a ceremony in 2008. The couple has a daughter together – Hazel Judith Huisman, born on June 9, 2007.
  27.  Elders quit acting to become a full-time mother in 2009. The family formerly resided in New Orleans, Louisiana, and now currently has a residence in New York City.
  28.  In the year 2018, he starred opposite Lily James as Dawsey Adams, the male lead in the romantic drama “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society,” based on the 2008 novel of the same name.
  29.  He also starred in the Netflix horror series “The Haunting of Hill House,” in which he plays Steven Crain, the oldest sibling, who becomes a published writer of supernatural books, including a memoir about his family's time living at Hill House.
  30.  Huisman had a lead role as Jacob “Jake” Wolf, in the Netflix film “The Red Sea Diving Resort,” as an Israeli agent, in the year 2019.
  31.  Michiel Huisman Net Worth: $3 Million

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