Great Musical Choices for Art Exhibits

Great Musical Choices for Art Exhibits
(Photo : Pixabay) Great Musical Choices for Art Exhibits

Art exhibits are an incredible way to connect people with art and the artists who create it, yet many are unsure about the steps to hosting an event like this. Music can affect how we experience the world around us.

These are the best choices for hosting an exhibit with live performers.

Why Hire Musical Talent?

Although the main focus of an art exhibit should be the art: the experience people have as they're taking in the art can change how they view the pieces.  This could mean that high-class gorgeous music makes them think art is more luxurious, or it could mean that bad music and an awful experience make them feel the same about the art.

Musical talent also adds another dimension to the exhibit, something else for them to interact with and listen to besides other people discussing the art pieces.

For High-Class Exhibits

The immediate thought people go for with classy art exhibits is finding a violinist for hire.  Violins are one of the most popular instruments and offer a unique and beautiful sound that can't be replicated otherwise. In addition, a single violin won't be too intrusive and will add visual interest to the venue as they play.

You can take this further by hiring a quartet or a different singular performer, but keep in mind how large your venue is.  If your art gallery isn't very large, you don't want to drown out the space with music.  The main focus should be the art, so allow it to take center stage.

For A More Modern Take

If you want a performer who can mix things up, and aren't interested in a high-class look for your exhibit, consider hiring a solar singer or rapper who can work with whatever type of art you have available.  These kinds of musicians have unique sounds and will allow people visiting the exhibit to view the art and the gallery itself differently.

If they have a sound that works with the art on display, they can make the presentation more immersive and interesting than it would be otherwise.

Why Not Use A DJ?

Although many people view a DJ as someone who simply sets up a playlist and hits play on their iPhone: this isn't the case. Instead, these performers take time to curate sounds for whatever gathering you're holding and interact with the crowd.

Although this can be lively and fun to add energy to some parties, this isn't a great fit for most art exhibits.  If you simply have background sound that nobody has to think about, you can get a Bluetooth speaker, but don't put a DJ in the corner.

How To Find Performers

Finding performers isn't difficult!  You can either go through word of mouth and tell people in your life that you're looking for performers or search on local gig sites to ensure you find someone who suits your needs.

It's vital that you hire as early as possible, ensure they understand the dress code and conditions of the event, and that you budget to pay them correctly so that they're more than happy to perform.

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