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Lauren Jauregui
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Lauren Jauregui, who became world-renowned as one of the member of the girl group “Fifth Harmony,” has been trying to make her mark as a solo artist in the music industry. Since the indefinite hiatus of the group, she has been collaborating with various artists and released her own singles. Here are some really interesting facts about the singer that will make you love her more:

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  1.  She released her debut solo project “Prelude” on November 5, 2021. The tracks “Colors” and “Scattered” were released in October, while the track “On Guard” was released on November 3.
  2.  In December 2016, Jauregui was voted as the sexiest woman in AfterEllen's Top 100 list of the year.
  3.  In May 2017, she was voted by the public as "Celebrity of the Year" at the British LGBT Awards in recognition of promoting equality for LGBTQ.
  4.  Lauren recorded "All Night" with Steve Aoki, released in November 2017, from his album “Neon Future III,” which is her first release as a primary songwriter and lead singer.
  5.  She released her debut solo single "Expectations" with its accompanying music video on October 24, 2018, under Columbia Records.
  6.  Lauren Michelle Jauregui Morgado was born on June 27, 1996, to Michael Jauregui and Clara Morgado in Miami, Florida. She is the eldest of three siblings.
  7.  Both of her parents are from Cuba, who moved to the United States when Fidel Castro came to power. Her father is a plant manager, while her mother is a teacher.
  8.  She attended a co-ed Catholic school from pre-K through sixth grade, following which she studied at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, an all-girls Catholic college preparatory school in Miami, on academic scholarship.
  9.  Jauregui was in the international baccalaureate program of the school, and participated in the talent show and softball team.
  10.  During her childhood days, she used to express herself through the arts, as she always enjoyed “constantly creating,” singing, writing, dancing, playing piano and painting.
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  12.  At the age of 15, she auditioned for the second season of “The X Factor U.S.,” in the year 2012. She cleared all the four rounds of preliminary auditions.
  13.  Lauren was called back for the televised audition in front of the judges at the age of 16, during which she performed "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys.
  14.  She advanced to the next round, with the approval from all four of the judges, especially with Judge Antonio Reid, describing her audition as “perfect,” and her voice as "husky, round, mature."
  15.  However, in the second round of bootcamp, she was eliminated as a solo artist, against the country group Sister C.
  16.  Still, her performance impressed the judges, who brought back Jauregui, alongside Ally Brooke, Normani, Dinah Jane, and Camila Cabello, to form a group.
  17.  The group, which later became Fifth Harmony, made it to finale of the season, and eventually ended up in the third position in the competition.
  18.  She dropped out of school to work with Fifth Harmony, and later received her high school diploma through homeschooling.
  19.  The group released their debut EP “Better Together” in October 2013, and their debut album “Reflection” in January 2015.
  20.  However, she was not able to participate in the promotion of the release of their album “Reflection,” as her grandmother died the day of the album’s release.
  21.  In March 2018, the group announced their decision to take an indefinite hiatus to grow as individual artists and pursue solo ambitions.
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  23.  She started exploring solo songwriting, following the release of the Fifth Harmony’s second album “7/27.” The other members also started working on solo projects.
  24.  In December 2016, she collaborated with Marian Hill on their song "Back to Me", Jauregui's first release outside of Fifth Harmony.
  25.  Samantha Gongol of Marian Hill, claimed that the duo have been wanting to work with Lauren since they met at one of Marian Hill's shows over a year earlier.
  26.  It was reported that the song was written in a brief period Jauregui had outside her tight schedule with Fifth Harmony.
  27.  In fact, she had written her verse in the song, just around five minutes before she was going to record it. Jeremy Lloyd of Marian Hill claimed that Lauren "nailed the rhyme scheme,” and that she has “an amazing harmonic ear.”
  28.  She was featured on Halsey's same-sex song "Strangers" in the year 2017. It was said that Halsey specifically chose Jauregui, who is openly bisexual, for the track.
  29.  In June 2018, she was the opening act for Halsey's Latin American leg of her “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World Tour.” During the tour, she performed three songs she had written, "Toy", "Inside" and "Expectations".
  30.  From 2017 to 2019, she was in a relationship with singer Ty Dolla Sign, with whom she collaborated on the song “
  31.  She co-wrote and performed the song "Invisible Chains" for Birds of Prey: The Album, the soundtrack of the film Birds of Prey released in February 2020.
  32.  She performed the song "Not Prepared For You" for Diane Warren's debut album “The Cave Sessions, Vol. 1,” released in August 2021.
  33.  Lauren Jauregui Net Worth: $3 Million

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