50 Epic Cake Failures: When Hilarious Cakes Happen to Good People

Have you ever looked at a beautiful recipe on Pinterest or anywhere else online and thought confidently that you could master it to perfection? Well some brave budding bakers did and lucky for us, they left no-so-yummy evidence of their epic cake failures.

1. Who needs a cake celebrating failure?

2. Cake or Cancer? How about both

3. Ghostbusters bust the illusion of how great you think you are

4. If someone is willing to get a cake for you, then they surely do love you.

5. Could this be possibly the worst "cake" in history?

6. Birthday cake: some assembly required

7. A newborn baby cake? No thanks, I'll skip.

8. An elegant Zebra striped cake that looked gorgeous online, but not offline.

9. What a layered cake looks like when it's not done by an expert

10. Spatter cake....nailed it!

11. Cake failure at its finest

12. If only cakes came with spell check

13. What will we find at the end of this rainbow?

14. I wonder how much this cake costs at Tiffany's?

15. Let's just say, the cake was a flop

16. A mashup of color

17. Lucy loves chocolate, but not when it's running down her cupcake

18. Could this be the cake Robert Pattinson gave Kristen Stewart after she cheated on him?

19. I love Minions so much, I could just melt

20. Castle birthday cake fit for a princess

21. Somebody out there is ridiculously witty, or amazingly stupid

22. Some little girl out there wants to say "bye bye" to Hello Kitty

23. The epitome of failed communcation

24. 'Gril' or 'Girl' - your pick

25. Because baking is hard and you're just going to have another birthday next year anyway

26. Not anyone's idea of a magical rainbow

27. I wonder if Queen Victoria would approve of this Victoria sponge cake?

28. An actual wedding cake flop

29. A littly boy must have been very disappointed at the sight of his birthday cake

30. Let's hope this is not an indication of their marriage

31. Strip wedding cake gone wrong

32. The bride must have been very upset at the sight of her "cake"

33. Lifesize wedding cakes, anyone?

34. I wonder what Wendy Lu said after seeing her cake

35. Oh No!

36. There are so many things wrong with this cake

37. James heart was crushed after realizing why he only had 2 visitors to his blog and they weren't even his friends

38. Poor Lina and Heather

39. This cake will even leave your kids scared

40. Oops!!

41. 'Nuff said

42. The parents of the teen in question did not enjoy this all. 

43. Oh dear...!

44. The word fireworks is not the exact same as fireworks

45. Scariest baby cake ever

46. This blue dino definitely went extinct long time ago

47. Perhaps the scariest cookie monster

48. Divorce cake, anyone?

49. Scariest cake ever

50. I "thrust" you?!

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