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This Photo Shows Just How Cold the Polar Vortex Really Is

If you're one of the lucky ones and not experiencing the Polar Vortex which has engulfed a great portion of the United States (click here for a great explanation as to why temperatures are rising) here is a depiction of just how cold it really is. This photo is of someones front yard. Yes, that is all that's visible.



Poor Deer Gets Struck by Race Car, Flies Straight to Heaven (VIDEO)

This little deer chose the wrong time to cross the road as a race car came flying around the corner and sent him flying to the other side.


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If You're NOT a Cat Lover, This Video Will Change Your Mind

Watch this cute video of this man gently caressing his gorgeous ginger cat to sleep. If you don't already love cats, this video will surely change your mind.



If You're Creative and Have 3 Years Worth of Beer Bottle Caps, This is What You Can Create

When it comes to our loved ones birthdays, we might scratch our heads for a while and surf the internet, frantically searching for gift ideas. Not one girl, she collected three years worth of beer bottle caps and created this beautiful collage for her boyfriend. Wow!


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Dogs Imitate an Ambulance Siren: Who Does it Best?

Dogs imitating an ambulance siren is not an everyday occurence. Now what about two dogs imitating a siren - you pick who you think does a better impersonation.



Is this the World's Most Expensive Belt Buckle? At $98,000 it Probably Is (VIDEO)

If you happen to have $98,000 lying around and have no idea on how to spend it, well here's an idea. Supercar manufacturer Bugatti has teamed with Swiss luxury company Roland Iten to create the R22 Bugatti Calibre belt buckle which retails for 98k. Now don't be fooled, this is just for the buckle, not even the full belt. The buckle is made using Swiss watchmaking machinery, consists of titanium and rose gold, and has over 100 different moving pieces. The companies are only manufacturing eleven of these, so if you want one you better move fast.


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50 Things You Didn't Know about Bill Gates

Bill Gates – a business magnate, dutiful philanthropist, software pioneer, and the world’s richest man. Let’s take a look at 50 of the most interesting things you probably didn’t know about Microsoft’s co-founder.

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50 Epic Cake Failures: When Hilarious Cakes Happen to Good People

Have you ever looked at a beautiful recipe on Pinterest or anywhere else online and thought confidently that you could master it to perfection? Well some brave budding bakers did and lucky for us, they left no-so-yummy evidence of their epic cake failures.


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Dennis Rodman Sings Happy Birthday To BFF North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un

Former US basketball star Dennis Rodman has led a team of retired American players in a game to celebrate the birthday of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.


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50 Things You Didn't Know about Beyoncé

Here are some interesting things you may not have known about the chart-topping, Grammy winning singer, wife and mother - Beyoncé.


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Dennis Rodman Lashes Out at CNN During Interview in North Korea (VIDEO)

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman talks to CNN while he is in North Korea. Rodman is in North Korea (again) with a group of former basketball stars for an apparent birthday gift for Kim Jong-un. Vin Baker, Cliff Robinson, Kenny Anderson, Rodman and others will play a game against North Koreans on Wednesday.


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WATCH: Chilling New Zealand Ad Will Make You Think Twice When You On the Road

No one should pay for a mistake with their life. When we drive, we share the road with others, so the speed we choose to travel at needs to leave room for any potential error. Watch this chilling video from the New Zealand Transport Agency which will make you think twice when you're on the road.


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What Happens When Women Draw on Their Eyebrows (PHOTO)

Some women chose to draw on their eyebrows which may look obvious at times. Ever wonder where these eyebrows come from, well now the mystery has been solved.


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Photo of Leonardo DiCaprio Crying, Made Entirely of Photos from Oscar Winning Pictures

Leonardo DiCaprio depicted here in this photo made entirely out of photos from Oscar winning pictures.


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If You Can Watch This Without Feeling Moved, You're Not a Human

Watch this montage of Russian videos that will help restore your faith in humanity.

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