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50 Things You Probably Didn't Know about Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela fame rests on his role as a revolutionary leader who spent nearly seven decades of his life in the struggle against white minority rule and for a free and democratic non-racial society. Here are 50 interesting facts about this revolutionary world leader.



Woman PhotoShops Herself into Photos from Her Childhood

A talented Japanese London-based photographer Chino Otsuka channeled her nostalgia into artwork by using PhotoShop to add herself into old photos of herself. Check out some of her stunning photos below.


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Why I Support this Married Pastor Who is Cheating on His Wife

Why would Jarrid Wilson - a husband, pastor, author, and blogger - cheat on his wife? And why would he choose to share it with the world?


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Baby Meets Dad's Twin Brother For the First Time: Watch her Cute, Confused Reaction

A video posted on YouTube shows a little girl meeting her uncle - her fathers twin brother - for the first time. She first willingly goes to her uncle because, well, it's her dad, right?! She then looks back at her dad it total confusion.



Amazing Rescue of a Cat Stuck in Drainpipe for threeDays (VIDEO)

A cat, named Piper, was miraculously rescued after getting stuck in a drainpipe for three days in northwest Ohio. He was eventually fished out using a net after a groundskeeper cut through the metal pipe.



You Will Never Believe Who Was Driving This Car When it Crashed: Hint - It's NOT a Human Being

A woman from Washington was stunned to see who was driving a vehicle when it crashed into her car. Watch the video below.


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How to Open a Wine Bottle WITHOUT a Corkscrew: Must Watch Video

Has it ever happened to you that you find yourself with a corkscrew when you want to open up a bottle of wine? Well, one YouTuber has the solution for this tricky problem.


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50 Interesting Facts About Whitney Houston

The award winning singer had a successful singing career with some hiccups along the way. We look back at some of the 50 interesting facts of Whitney Houston.


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This Might Be the Oldest Looking Toddler You've Ever Seen

Awww, he's so adorable, but how old do you think he is?


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An Awesome GIF Showing Most Popular Baby Girl Names in the US Since 1960

Ever wonder what was the most popular girl name when you were born? Is the name you got? Here's a GIF showing the most popular baby girl names since the 1960s in the United States. The map was built in Adobe Illustrator by Deadspin's Reuben Fischer-Baum using data from the Social Security Administration.


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I Hate it When This Happens!

There's nothing worse than sitting down with a bowl of Cheetos and turning on Netflix to watch "House of Cards" and then this happens...

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What's Your State Best Known For? California - Apple, Florida - Hooters?

The Corporate States of America - This great map by Steve Lovelace replaces each state with its most prominent corporation.


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What's Your Country Best Known for Around the World? You'll Be Shocked to Find Out

Rafaan Anvari’s map for Doghouse Diaries points out what different countries in the world excel at. "Most countries lead the world in something," writes artist Rafaan Anvari. "Sometimes good things, sometimes not so good things, and sometimes funny things. This map shows what each country does best compared to all other countries." Some people might be offended by Anvari’s findings - while others are pretty obvious. For example, North Korea happens to be the world leader in censorship and India is a powerhouse for Bollywood movies.


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Map Showing Countries that Still Use Fahrenheit as a Temperature Scale

Most countries have adopted Celsius as the primary scale in all use, although Fahrenheit continues to be the scale of preference in the United States. Here's why the US never changed to the metric system.


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40 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Katy Perry

Katy Perry is an award-winning singer who got her start singing gospel music at her parents church her also happened to be the pastors. Here are 40 interesting things you probably didn't know about the "Roar" singer.

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