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Human Sacrifice


Headless Kneeling Skeleton Found in China

A headless kneeling skeleton was discovered in China that showed mysterious human sacrifices.

World War II


The Bubonic Plague Cause By Japan During World War II

Japan has caused the infamous Bubonic Plague in the United States during the World War II and not many do not know about it.

The Black Plague


When and How the Black Plague Started

While it is still a mystery as to when and where the Black Plague started, here are some theories according to historians and scholars about the history's deadliest plague.

Horseshoe Bat


Four Species of Horseshoe Bat Can Possibly Cure Coronavirus

A new species that is believed to be part of the "nose-leafed" bats have been recently discovered and it is believed to hold a possible cure to the novel coronavirus.

Ottoman Merchant Ship


Shipwrecks From The 17th Century Discovered in Mediterranean Sea

Chinese porcelains, copper coffee pots, and some other items were recently discovered in the Mediterranean seabed were believed to have dated way back in the 17th century.

Hua Mulan


True Story Behind Disney's Princess Hua Mulan

Hua Mulan has a deeper story other than being one of Disney's adapted princess movies.



Bat Woman Scientist in China May Hold the Cure For Coronavirus

While many are desperate to find a cure to the novel coronavirus, could this 'bat woman' scientist from China reveal how to prevent the coronavirus to spread?

baby pod


Father in China Built 'Baby Pod' to Protect Child from Coronavirus

A father of a two-month-old baby made a pod to protect his child from the pandemic.



Is Coronavirus a Bioweapon or Biblical Prophecy? Here's What Twitterverse Says

Even though the theories have been dismissed by scientists, people are still sharing their theories online.

Mutant Pig


Believe It or Not! Mutant Piglet is Born With Elephant-Like Trunk in China

If you think Dumbo is weird enough to have big ears for a small elephant, check out this piglet in China who is born hairless with an elephant-like trunk.



Drunk Elephants Spotted in a Village in China

Two male elephants allegedly got drunk and passed out on a tea plantation.

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