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Horseshoe Bat


Four Species of Horseshoe Bat Can Possibly Cure Coronavirus

A new species that is believed to be part of the "nose-leafed" bats have been recently discovered and it is believed to hold a possible cure to the novel coronavirus.



Coronavirus Drone Claims To See Human Temperature At A Distance

Draganfly, an aircraft manufacturing company, innovated a new and advanced drone model that can help authorities monitor people's temperature from 190 feet on-air and see if they are following social distancing rules.

Spanish Flu


Woman's Sister Died From Spanish Flu, 102 Years Later She Catches COVID-19

Selma Esther Ryan died from COVID-19 just last week, having the same fate with her sister 102 years ago, who died from Spanish flu in 1918.



Pandemic Board Game May Help Healthworkers Determine Their Next Coronavirus Response

This viral board game is known to have foreseen the coronavirus outbreak. Could it also hold the answer of how to end it?



Coronavirus Astrology Says Pandemic Will End Quickly

What can astrology say about the coronavirus? A prominent astrologer predicts that the pandemic will end quickly according to the alignment of the planets and their moons. Read on below to know more.



Bat Woman Scientist in China May Hold the Cure For Coronavirus

While many are desperate to find a cure to the novel coronavirus, could this 'bat woman' scientist from China reveal how to prevent the coronavirus to spread?

Indian Boy


Indian Boy Predicts COVID-19, Says It Will End On May 29

An Indian boy predicts that the global pandemic will soon end in May 29, 2020. How true will this be? Read on below to know more.

Twins in India


Parents Named Their Babies Born During Pandemic Outbreak After Coronavirus in India

These parents of newborn twins named them after the pandemic outbreak coronavirus in India.



A Rabbi Claims That Fighting WIld Monkey in Thailand is Connected to The Bible

A rabbi from Israel said that the event is a punishment because the country as a lot of "immoral activities"

coronavirus food


Yummy or Yucky? Coronavirus-Themed Foods are Putting a Smile on People's Faces

Despite the pandemic, bakers and chefs around the world are aiming to make people smile with their creations.



Man from Cyprus Found a Unique Way to Walk his Dog While Self-Isolating

A fitness instructor from Cyprus found a way to walk his dog after Cyprus announced lockdown.

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