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An Artist Portrays Frontliner Heroes Without Their Masks As Tribute To Their Sacrifice

With the global pandemic that the whole world is facing right now, frontliners are our only hope in this dreadful health crisis.



Pandemic Board Game May Help Healthworkers Determine Their Next Coronavirus Response

This viral board game is known to have foreseen the coronavirus outbreak. Could it also hold the answer of how to end it?

Pandas Mating


Pandas Seen Mating After 13 Years of Social Distancing

Le Le and Ying Ying have been roommates at Ocean Park Zoo in Hong Kong for 13 years and they have finally decided to mate after a long period of time.

Twins in India


Parents Named Their Babies Born During Pandemic Outbreak After Coronavirus in India

These parents of newborn twins named them after the pandemic outbreak coronavirus in India.



Ramvolution: Pack of Wild Goats Take Over Ghost Town

Wild goats have roamed around a town with no people on the streets. Thus, the "ramvolution" started.

baby pod


Father in China Built 'Baby Pod' to Protect Child from Coronavirus

A father of a two-month-old baby made a pod to protect his child from the pandemic.

Man in T-rex Costume


Man Wears T-Rex Costume Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak in Spain

This man goes viral while wearing a T-Rex costume on the streets of Spain amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Campo San Bartolomeo, Venice


Venice is Tourist-Free, Resulting Into Clean Canal Waters

Venice is now keeping their wildlife free from tourists and its the best news you can ever get.

The Simpsons Coronavirus


Did The Simpsons Predicted Coronavirus Outbreak? Read HERE

"The Simpsons" is one of the most popular and most-watched series of all time, but how true is it that the series is a future predictor? Read here to know more.

Sylvia Browne


Sylvia Browne Predictions of Pneumonia Like Outbreak is Probably Coronavirus

Sylvia Browne got in a recent controversy as to where she was assumed to have predicted the spread of coronavirus in the whole world. Read here to know the truth.

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