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Siggy the Stray Dog


Man Finds Touching Note Tied Around an Abandoned Dog's Neck

This man found a stray dog running down the road of Ipoh, Malaysia and found a touching note on its collar. Read on below to know the whole story.

Ted and Ed


Teddy Bears Spend Time Outdoors to Bring Positivity During Pandemic

These cute bears will surely make up your day, and will even encourage you to stay at home and do various activities with your whole family.



This Grandma Posted HELP on Her Window, Asking For More Wine

This cute grandma posted a note on her window telling everyone she has no more wine in her house, which is also a cry for help!

Orangutans in Pairi Daiza


The Sight of This Orangutan Playing with Otters Will Make Your Day

Who says orangutans and otters can't be friends?

Corgi Plays Dead


Find Out What This Corgi Owner Stumbled Upon Entering His Home

This cute corgi had his owner scarred for life when he came home by letting him think he was murdered. Read hear to know the whole hilarious story.

Thanks Nature Cafe


Bath Time! Sheeps Get Showers in this Cafe in Korea

You may see cat and dog cafes anywhere around the world, but have you seen a sheep-themed cafe? Read on below to see Thanks Nature Cafe and their little lambs.

Dog with Stuffed Animal


Dad Saves His Dog's 'Baby,' What He Did Will Make You Laugh

This superdad makes it to the list of nominees for being the best dad in the world after saving his dog's stuffed animal.

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