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The Most Dangerous Place In Earth's History

While there could be a long list of dangerous places on Earth, there is one place that still holds the record of being the most dangerous place-- even before in prehistoric times.

Black Death


The Black Death Was So Severe It Spreads One Mile Per Day

Only history remains witness on how deadly the Black Plague was.

Oktoberfest in Munich


Oktoberfest:The History of This Beer Festival

Many countries now celebrate Oktoberfest every October, and only one thing goes into one's head if they hear the festive word: and that is beer.

Hua Mulan


True Story Behind Disney's Princess Hua Mulan

Hua Mulan has a deeper story other than being one of Disney's adapted princess movies.



Melting Ice Reveals Artifacts of Lost Viking Highway

Norway is known for its Viking history, and there are new artifacts about their lives that are recently discovered. Read on below to know more about it.

Notre Dame


Notre Dame's 800-Year History

Notre Dame is one of the most popular and well-known historical landmarks in the whole world. Built for almost 800 years, Notre Dame will always be in each Parisian's heart.

Alderney Map


Nazi Concentration Camp Finally Revealed

A recent discovery of death camp remains in Alderney have been discovered, revealing possible prints of Nazi era remains.

Alexander the Great


Archaeologists Think They Have Found Alexander The Great's Tomb

For many years experts and historians have struggled in finding Alexander the Great's tomb, but with Dr. Andrew Michael Chugg and Liana Soulvatzi's quest to embark on such mystery, could it be the tomb has been finally located?

Noah's Ark


Noah's Ark Graveyard Discovered: How Did the Great Flood Happen?

Although this has happened a thousand years ago, a new discovery has been made and it looked like Noah's Ark's Graveyard. Read here to know more.

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