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Dead Fish in Mexico


Dead Fishes Washed Up On Deserted Beah In Mexico

Residents in Mexico are stunned when they saw thousands of dead fishes washed up in a deserted beach.

Oil Spill


BP Oil Spill Still Harms Wildlife, And It's Been 10 Years

A decade after an oil spill happened in the Gulf of Mexico, the wildlife in the place are still struggling up until today.

Mysterious Lake Turns Red


Mysterious Lake Turns Red After Villagers Saw Lights in Sky

A mysterious lake in Mexico was reported to have turned red after a roar in the sky that startled the locals.

El Popo Mexico


Another Alien 'Spaceship' Rumored To Be Seen In Mexico Volcano

A UFO spaceship is rumored to be seen in a Mexican volcano again this week.



Archaeologists Discover Ancient Maya Kingdom on a Ranch in Mexico

The missing capital of an Ancient Maya kingdom was recently found on a ranch in southeastern Mexico.

Acapulco, Mexico


35 Stunning Photos of Acapulco, Mexico's Pearl

One of Mexico's oldest and most well-known beach resorts, Acapulco came into prominence in the 1950s as a getaway for Hollywood stars and millionaires. The city of Acapulco is the largest in the state of Guerrero on the Pacific coast of Mexico, 190 miles southwest from Mexico City. The pictures speak for themselves.

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